Maserati Scanner NT520 Pro vs. Autel

NT510 and Autel which is a better bi-directional OBD scan tool for Maserati quattroporte?  Check reviews below based on customers’ working experience.



NT520/NT530 MASERATI Pro Reviews:


The NT520 MASERATI pro will read and erase a lot of Maserati codes. It pinpointed my Skyhook problem.



Got my nt520 today, ordered for Maserati but it came as generic OBD.  It works for my 2016 Ghibli and says it works for all Maserati’s. I have a MacBook, you can’t even register the product without using PC windows. Downloaded “Parallel” for Mac (on trial) and was finally able to register and with some effort, download the Maserati software to the NT520. It was worth the effort, I had been getting a suspension warning (yellow shock), the car road fine and my Indy said the shocks were fine. The NT520 scan showed the a right front sensor error. That I can fix or replace.



I bought my NT520 “for Maserati” directly from their online factory outlet in China. When it arrived it did not have the Maserati function installed. You will need to read the instructions carefully and register the reader, then download the Maserati software using Windows! That done it reads Maserati codes. Some are in Italian and I have yet to find a source list but most can be sorted out.  It’s a great scanner for the cost but unless you can interpret the codes some of which are of course in Italiano it’s of little us



The 520 OBD reader will reset the “TPMS malfunction” error message. But has nothing to do with calibration.



NT520 failed to clear the green wrench (at least for my GT).  Did an Auto Scan and “Clear All”…no luck. Did all the individual component scans and clear, key on, and even with engine on, no luck.

For the green wrench function, i was told it can only support the attached Maserati cars.

Foxwell Maserati 1


I got the “TPMS Malfunction” warning again on my 2011 QP (early VIN – which is relevant to which TPMS system is installed). 2011 is not shown on the NT520 menu, so I’m selecting 2007-2009. on cold start. But I connected the NT520 and got a P0100 code, something to the effect of failure to connect to ECU. Cleared the code, and the TPMS is working again.  Clearing codes is easy but it’s not a fix, if they keep coming back.



I bought the  NT530 and paid a little more for it, but unfortunately it did not work. It does read most codes and resets some of them, but the service light ain’t one of them.



Maserati Scanner Pros:


Free update for lifetime


Can be add up to 5 car brand, nt510 does good on BMW, Ford Toyota, JLR



Require to register and download software using PC windows

No special functions, basic read and clear codes.


Autel with Maserati Software
I have the Autel MX808 and it has cleared every light I’ve tried (about 5) including the check engine, oil service. It will not do TPMS.

+1 about the Autel products. We have a TS608…I got it really for TPMS issues, but I’m pretty impressed with it for 500 bucks…My other two scan tools cost a crap load more and can do more stuff, but for money it is a good deal.



Ordered an Autel MX808, it is enough for us hobbyist. The MX808 features the same hardware as the TS608 without the wireless TPMS functions.



Tried the Autel AP200 OBD scanner that friends were raving about. I changed my oil and managed to do the oil service reset to 12499 miles (1 year). Need to download 2 free Apps and toy with it a bit but works ok. You get one vehicle free life time and pay $21.99 for 2nd vehicle. It covers most cars including Maserati, Aston, Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, Bentley, Bugatti but not Pagani and Rolls. It works on bluetooth iphone or Android and gives lots of info like battery voltage, etc and other stuff that I have no interest.

Autel Ap200 Maserati 1Autel Ap200 Maserati 2Autel Ap200 Maserati 3


The Autel Maxisys system is an excellent diagnostic tool. For the SD3 cars, it readily gives tons of data within the F1 system, including live and historical data. It will give you the PIS setting, solenoid bleed rates, clutch wear values, overheat logs, and resets all service interval warnings. The values are read very accurately. For the SD2 cars, there is data there, but in order to find decent clutch readings, you may need to search through various vehicle types. In other words, when connecting to the older Cambiocorsas or 360s, you may need enter the VIN then switch the vehicle type to a more current car, like a QP or F430. Strange. Once it reads, the data is valid. The Autel is a DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, not a PROGRAMMING TOOL. You cannot program or change any values, whatsoever.




Both Autel MS906 and MS906BT has Maserati software installed. The BT model supports bluetooth connection rather than a cable.
The Maserati coverage includes all models starting with the 3200 through current models up to 2016. The Alfa Romeo 8C software is also listed in the Maserati software grouping. Ferrari (as well as dozens of other manufacturers) has a separate software suite install on the unit. The cost of system is a little over $1000 each with the BT being about $100 more.

I haven’t fully explored all of the functions on my 05 QP. However, I was able to successfully reset the service reminder light and scan a number of systems. The error codes that came back were consistent with things I fixed in the past — as well as other small things here and there I wasn’t aware of, e.g., some issue with the rear window defroster. The software also has a live data mode for the various systems which can be useful in further diagnosing issues. It also allows you to clear the codes.

The scanning functions are fall into four categories – Powertrain, Body, Chassis, and Info, Comm & Entertainment (ICE).

Powertrain covers the engine and gearbox.

Body covers airbag, NBC (Body Computer), NCL A/C, NQS Dashboard, NCS Skyhook.

Chassis covers TPMS, NFR Braking System

ICE grouping includes a random selection of scans ranging from the parking sensors, headlamp adjustment, television, and a number of things I have no idea what they are, e.g. NPG Driver Door, NPP Passenger, NIM Internal Roof Node, CSG SAGEM Service control, NAG Guide Adjust, NIT Infotelematic Node, NVB Luggage Compartment Node

While I’ve never used an SD3 or Leonardo system, the 906 seems to the only machine that is affordable for the home use that actually does some level of scanning. I also figured that the costs related to resetting the service light will pay for the unit in a few years.

Autel Ms906 Ms906bt Maserati 1

I have one of those handheld TPMS units and didn’t look at the TPMS function on the MS906. I did notice that there was a TPMS menu in the software. However, Autel specifically markets at 906TS, which is specifically designed with enhanced TPMS software.

Autel Maxisys Maserati Review 1

Autel Maxisys Maserati Review 2

Autel Maxisys Maserati Review 3

Autel Maxisys Maserati Review 4

Autel Maxisys Maserati Review 5

Autel Maxisys Maserati Review 6


I can say that my MS906TS has deep access to the the QP’s F1 gearbox and displays real time data and parameters that are on point with the SD3 settings. I was impressed.

What I have not tried was to modify the data and re-read it. In other words, I am not sure if the data is written properly with the device nor do I know if the data will be interpreted correctly by the SD3 once written with the MS906.

One thing to keep in mind that the holes in its coverage vary with the model of car. I tried this on my 05 QP and the 02 Cambiocorsa and the options were limited on the CC. In fact, in order to get any decent F1 data, I had to log in the the CC VIN then select QP in the device. The parameters were still limited and not in the same order as with the QP, however. This may be a result of the shift in technology that took place between these two cars (SD2 to SD3) and the new device recognizes the newest firmware the best. I’m not sure though.

For any newer car, it is a pretty robust tool for the money. I’m not sure if the 908P is worth it as the J2534 data is not available for download from Maserati without a SD token and MODIS access. It would be nice to troubleshoot our TCUs at home though!



I just purchased the Autel 200 OBDII and hooked it up to my 2018 Granturismo Sport. It was simple and guided me as I went using my Samsung phone. It pretty much walked me through the steps and took like 10 seconds to connect. All I did was run a scan and it worked. I am getting ready to change the oil in the next couple of months and I saw a review on You Tube that said it would work on Maserati of all types. It is supposed to reset the service light. We shall see when it comes on. I think it will. I thought it was worth a try for $60.

When you set it up, you get the first auto free.(Included in purchase price.) If you add other autos, the charge is additional. The cool thing is if you have 10 cars, it will supposedly work on all. You just have to pay for each additional one. One car is covered though.



I recently purchased the Autel 200 OBDII  (great deal by the way). I can tell you that yes it does reset the maintenance interval light on my 09 QP S. I was actually a bit surprised by the features as it tested and diagnosed all of the vehicles systems (nodes) including our favorite Skyhook suspension system which has been giving me a Check Suspension message for a month. Code for R front accelerator sensor. Verified and soon to be replaced.



I didn’t have any issues with my Autel HT200. It works great and resets the service light with my Iphone. No more trips to dealer for oil change!
Click on “Service” and then “Oil reset” It’s pretty straight forward but sometimes the Bluetooth won’t connect. Just plug/unplug and turn bluetooth on/off to reset. It should work fine.
Autel Maserati Service


Autel Maserati Scanner Pros:

Does much more functions

Good quality

Nice technical support



Too many tools that hard to tell and choose

Requires yearly subscription after 1 or 2 years.

Tablets are expensive for personal driver



Here’s a link to the Autel vehicle/reader look up; Enter Maserati, your model and Search. You can then see the available readers and features.