Buy Autel IM608 or VVDI2 Full or VVDI MB for European Cars

Vehicle coverage: Renault, VAG, ford, Mercedes, BMW, PSA, fiat are the vehicles that I have the most


The key programmer I am interested in:

Autel im608

vvdi2 full

vvdi mb


My question:

I don’t know what to buy, because one of the things I like about the im608 is that it has diagnosis.


User experience for sharing:

@Manta1600 Review:

no one of them is good for Renaut FORD OPEL PSA and Fiat

im608 is not bad for MB VW and some old BMW

VVDI2 is good for VW

To cover all EU brands you will need tools for up 20 000 euro


@ crankycarl review:

The Autel IM608 has more value if you buy the bundle kit that comes with the APB112 Key simulator and the GBOX2. (link: Autel IM608+ APB112+ GBOX2)
Normally the bundle that includes these 2 is the same price as JUST the IM608 with XP400 programmer.


the PC software you use with the XP400 programmer, so you can see just its capability.
I don’t work on Mercedes or Volkswagen that much so I can’t speak to that much
It handles all the ford and fiat I have worked on even the newer fiat
BMW on the IM608 has been a very good revenue stream, already paying for the tool and then some, and I am just out of the gate with knowing anything

I would recommend it for a 1st tool for these reasons:
1. It’s my first key oriented tool and its been great for learning on
2. tech support here in the US for Autel is spot on, the immo team there is knowledgeable and actually wants to help, James is who I ask for
3. it is fairly universal and if the software is lacking, often times you cant still get the job with extra work because of the XP400 and GBOX2 then just not doing it at all if your dead set on JUST OBD
4. the diag software is good, it comes with a built in hex editor that works well, storage and organisation is neat
5. the J2534 programmer is an added source of revenue, often overlooked feature when talking immo but I use it in a pinch when factory files are needed

I don’t have VVDI tools yet, but they are in the mail. Most people will tell you as they have told me that no one tool will do all jobs. I think VVDI might have better software.
Subscription wise some say the IM608 is costly.
Luckily just getting ONE of these quality brands will probably open you up to buying and wanting even more. I thought the IM608 was too expensive when I bought it, took me months to commit. Now that I have it and its making money, I have no regrets.
I ordered VVDI should be here in a week, so I can let you know my first impression if you want. But based on the sheer amount of people here that have it, must be useful.
I have spent countless hours researching the BEST tool (for me) to get starting out.


@ Weasel3 review:

For AUTEL IM608, If not paying subscription each year 1100USD, you will not be able to access MB keys calc.
Which also slower than MB VVDI, at least for the moment.
And all other online calculation. Like BMW and other brands.
And of course no updates either on immo or diagnostic.

Maybe support is good in the US.
No idea how it is in EU. If there exists or not.
But when contacting the Chinese support you get an answer the next day, because of the time difference.


If you run a workshop car repair of all kinds of work, doing service on vehicles everyday. From 08-17 O’clock.
Swapping diesel injectors – diagnostic – oil service reset – standard service 1 year.
Then you will earn enough to cover up the costs.


@ Keyblade review:

I only do locksmith job( residential and vehicles) nothing else. I’m not a mechanic. AUTEL IM608 covers a lot of “high end” cars Benz, Bmw, VW, etc.
Its not like Xtool, OBDSTAR and other Chinese tools.


@ Rjautolocksmith review:

I own vvdi mb and vvdi full also im600 and 908p ,vvdi is way better and also programming mb is better in 908p.im600 is getting better with the time but at this point I can’t get rid of them.
Vvdi mb password is faster even than AVDI.but it can’t do w163 via OBD2 or eeprom.
Vvdi full covers most tango functions
No tool can do all at this moment.


@ madsci69 review:

I have the Autel IM608. The Mercedes it can do, and with the G-Box it usually about 15-60 minutes to calculate the password. There are no tokens or anything. I can do almost all vehicles common in the US, and it is always updating. It hasn’t had any problem with BMW CAS systems, though ISTAP update you should still remove the module(it has the option to downgrade but I usually remove the module and program that way with 64 attempts to catch rolling code).

Volkswagen it works well with most. Had trouble with Kessy on a 2012 VW before, but since then no issue. Has some decent scan abilities as well which is nice.

I don’t have VVDI2 though I considered getting it as well. I am curious if anyone has both to compare side by side.


To be upgrading…