How to Reset Benz Sprinter 2018 NCV3 4×4 144 Engine Light?

Car model: 2018 NCV3 4×4 144 with 16,900 miles


Symptom: the engine light remained illuminated


How to read error codes?

Advice 1. to use Genuine Mercedes-Benz Xentry

the “Best” would be genuine Mercedes-Benz Xentry with annual $3,500 tech info subscription. Certainly not affordable for the DIY hack. Base models start at $40,000, (3-years), Developer Mode option extra.

Or Xentry running MB sd connect C4 is a perfect alternative.


Advice 2. to go to the local dealer

You can take your Sprinter to the local AutoZone or equivalent and they can pull the code. I did and it was right on, code P2459, ” DPF Regeneration interrupted three times.” Subsequent 3 hour drive with a few stops, allowed the OBDII to self-extinguish the CEL. Haven’t had a problem since.


Finally! got Autel MD808 pro


02-14-2020 update:

I got the Autel MD808 pro, spent hours updating all the profiles.

go something like ‘Scan’ ‘Europe’ ‘Sprinter’ ‘906’ then either ‘Scan all’ or select an individual module for more detail.


P2047 in module $07EC reluctant injector circuit/open
Bank 1 Unit 1

I’ve read some on this as others have had this issue

Originally Posted by lindenengineering
Code P2047:-
Fuel system leakage
Rail pressure monitoring through pressure volume control valve.
Hence rail pressure is low or “seen” low.


04-06-2020 update:

Been a while, took it into the dealer and it was covered under warranty. I don’t have the paperwork on me at the moment.

Essentially there was a loose connector at some pump. All is well, and I have a scanner Autel MD808 pro that I need to learn how to use.


Hope it helps!