How to Install RenoLink V1.87 Renault OBD2 Software on Windows 7?

Latest version Renolink 1.87 Renault airbag/ecu/key obd software installation step-by-step.


Software version: v1.87

Language: English and French

Operating system: Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit


Free Download RenoLink OBD Renault V1.87 Software

Password: xxv3xl

Mega Link No Pass

Renault Link V187

Renault OBD2 Renolink V1.87 vs. V1.52


How to Install Renolink 1.87 software?

Step 1: Install FTDI driver
Copy and paste RenoLink 1.87 CD software to desktop
Open Renolink 1.87 folder

Install Renolink V187 1
Extract renolink_setup87 to current folder
Run CDM21218_Setup_720 driver

Install Renolink V187 2
Press Extract

Install Renolink V187 3
Press Next to install Device FTDI Driver
Accept license agreement

Install Renolink V187 4
Finish FTDI CDM driver


Step 2: Install setup

Install Renolink V187 5
Double click renolink_setup87 choose destination location (C://Program Files/Renolink), press Next
Select Start Menu Folder, press Next

Install Renolink V187 6
Install setup

Install Renolink V187 7
Finish installing Renolink setup


Step 3: Set COM Port

Install Renolink V187 8

Right click Renolink v1.87 on desktop and go to Properties-> C://Program Files/Renolink

Install Renolink V187 9

Install Renolink V187 10
Copy and paste renolink.dat and RenOLink from RenOlink 1.87 folder to C://Program Files/Renolink

Send RenOLink shortcut in C:// to desktop and remove RenoLink v1.87 shortcut to recycle bin

Then connect Renolink obd2 interface with computer

Windows will detect device driver

Install Renolink V187 12
Go to Device Manager to check device is connected and COM port set to #4
Right click USB Serial Port (COM4)->Properties

Install Renolink V187 13
Set Bits per second to 115200
Go to Advanced setting

Install Renolink V187 14
Set Latency Timer (msec) to 1 and save setting


Step 4: Run Renolink 1.87 software

Open Renolink shortcut on desktop

Install Renolink V187 15
Renolink 187 software is ready to use.

Install Renolink V187 16
Choose ecu model and scan.