Retrofit Ford Focus Cruise Control with Forscan or FoCCCus?

With the purpose to retrofit Ford Focus Cruise control, what tool to use and how to operate?

Focus Cruise Control 00


  1. Use forscan: unstable

Yes: Get extended licence for forscan and activate CC trough modifying central car configuration, it much easier than using AsBuilt codes.
In Central car configuration find cruise control and change it’s value to “with cruise control”.

Forscan 01

Forscan 02

No: I wasn’t able to turn on cruise control using Forscan when I first tried last year. I think it had bugs in the software but so did the IDS version I was using then, but yeah you should be able to.


  1. FoCCCus 0.8.6 running with ELM327 Interface: succeed

Search on Google for FoCCCus 0.8.6. this tool can be used with a simple ELM327 Interface.
I´ve coded several Focus in the past and it worked very well
Also you can buy extended License for Forscan or also use FoCOM.
The FoCCCus Tool is free and you can easily code BCM and ICM with it.
Simply search in CCC List for Cruise Control and Speed Limiter and activate both. Then Code BCM. That’s all. ICM is not necessary, it only for CCC backup.
But don’t use a cheap or ELM Interface. Also try to code with moderate Baud speed!

Elm327 03


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