Diagnose Benz T1N Sprinter 2004: Autel MD808 Pro or MD802?

T1N Sprinters 2004 diagnostic tools review: Autel MD808 Pro or Autel MD802. Here we go for details.


Good Review 1. sdconnect C4 Clone & Autel MD802

I have both a very good mb sdconnect C4 Clone and the Autel MD802….have I ever used them?….yeah long enough to find out that they do connect to my Sprinter, and will run live data, etc, but since I’ve had no issues to diagnose, I just have it serviced at Sun Motor Cars and enjoy the ride!


Good Review 2: Autel MD808P for 2006 T1N

I bought the Autel MD808P for my 2006 T1N I will let everyone know my experience.

BTW there is a seller obdii365.com that is taking best offers I got one.


The 808 pro read all the systems even ones like the radio that the snap on scanner did not access. I also was able to clear the oil change interval with it. I am happy with it so far the live data is very nice.


Objective review 3: Autel MD808 Pro has deeper diagnostic function than Autel MD802

My Autel MD802 worked just fine on my NCV3, T1N, Jeeps, Infiniti etc.
It was lacking in function, and I would get the Autel MD808 Pro if I still had a need for it.


Good Review 4: Autel MD808 pro for 2018 Sprinter

I just purchased the Autel MD808 pro and just used it on my new 2018. I can say that it cleared my SRS code. It was my own fault for the code, I took the driver seat out to access underneath for a trailer brake controller and turned the key on before re connecting the seat belt and air bag wiring. Anyway, the 808 pro did the trick. I hope the future uses will prove just as easy.


Autel MD808 Pro review on Sprinter 906.155

I just purchases a MD808Pro to help with an ABS/ESP issue on our 906.155.
This is my first time wrenching on the 906 infrastructure.

So far the MD808P has been very helpful. Linked google drive includes a number of photos of the unit in operation and the online interface you get access to once registered, along with manuals and spec sheet. I’m happy to answer questions to my knowledge base, which is admittedly limited.

Some specific notes:

Creating an account on Autel, registering the scanner, and downloading scan updates were all incredibly easy.

The unit uses a standard micro-sd, which can be removed and updated seperate from the unit

Alternately, the unit can be updated via a USB cable.

Power is supplied via either the USB or OBD cable, there are not batteries.

Feel is generally good. Lighter than I expected, but quite reasonable.

The screen is non-touch, but is clear, and easy to read.

Currently only covers pre 2016 sprinters.

Purchased off


Screen photos, specs, vehicle coverage, and online interface screen captures here:

!Both Comparison Merge

!Live Both Discrete

!Live W Fault

!Live Wo Fault



!Warning ABS

!Warning ESP

!Warning Misc

Autel MD808 Pro Product Website Sprinter Coverage

Autel MD808 Pro Product Website Vehicle Coverage

Review: Autel MD808 for 2007 Sprinter 2500

I purchased the MD 808 “non pro” in December 2017, after several visits to the dealer to clear my oil reset after I did my last oil change service, my 2007 Sprinter 2500 has never been able to reset the mileage reminder without a scan tool, even though the manual says I can, I couldn’t and everyone else who tried couldn’t either. So after 11 visits over the years, the dealer would clear it for me, took em a few minutes, I’d thank em and be on my way till the next year or so.

Well for some reason this last time I couldn’t get anybody to clear it for me, I’d show up, call, pop in when I was told a tech would be in, but it never panned out. Finally I thought I’d try some other dealers in the city, the nicest was Mercedes-Benz of Farmington. Quite a drive from my town but hey, I got to get this reset, down to about 400 miles left on the nag screen even though when I changed the oil it was around 800 miles left. Tried another Sprinter service Co that’s a little closer and he wanted to charge me $125.00 to reset the computer that I’m supposed to be able to do myself? I told him really? Where’s the savings in doing my own service if I need to pay that kind of money? It cost me around that much for my MB approved oil and filter? Plus I like doing everything I can do myself on this van then I know what’s going into it, plus I enjoy it.

Well the service adviser said bring it in and he’d do it this time for free, but next time he’d charge me, I brought it in and the tech had just left for lunch, apparently no one else had the knowledge to do it so I waited over an hour and the tech showed up, yes! Finally! I shared my situation with him and told him I hate begging people to reset my code around once a year but couldn’t see spending 5 grand on a scan tool, he said you can buy one like this for about $150 bucks, he proceeded to pull out the Autel 802? He said he preferred using the Autel over his Snap On? He cleared the oil reset in about 3 minuets, I tried to tip him for his help but he wouldn’t take it? Great tech that I’ll always remember. Got home and started searching obdii365.com for Autel scanners and for a little bit more $ decided on the MD 808, mainly because of the DPF feature it had, sorry for such a long post but I think this scan tool is the cats pajamas, I’d buy another in a heartbeat if needed. Just used it again last week when I went into limp mode & cel came on, scanner told me egr Position fault, I went around 30,000 miles since I cleaned my egr valve, my bad, I won’t wait that long again!


Autel MD808Pro VS Autel MD802 for 2002/2006 T1N’s:

1). Today I talked with an Autel tech that said for the 2002 to 2006 Sprinter the 808P cannot do anything extra that the MD802 can and that the 808P was designed to also work on newer vehicles.


2). As far as I can tell the main difference between the 808 and 802 series is that the former is bidirectional and can execute some subset of manual test procedures (such as DPF regen, etc.) What would be even more useful than a list of what Autel says the 808 will do is an actual Sprinter owner confirming that the functions actually work. That will determine how much value the 808 really has over the 802 for our application.


MD808 PRO VS Autel MX808:

Just got off the phone with a tech from Autel, here’s what he said:

– MD808PRO is not a replacement for the MD802 Elite, but just a higher end product. He said it can do everything for Sprinters that the MD802 can do, and more.

I.e Autel The MD802 cannot activate the ABS module.

– MX808 is an Android tablet based tool, with a significantly faster CPU, more flash, more RAM and wifi connectivity for updates/downloads. It can do everything the MD808PRO can do, and more (can program key fobs, has more live gauges). He expects the MX808 family will see more updates and more added functionality as time goes on.

The one big downside to the MX808, aside from initial price, is that after the first year, additional updates will require a $125/year subscription. MD808PRO updates are free for lifetime. His recommendation, which seems reasonable for us single vehicle end-users, (from their product line) was to go with an MD808PRO.



This is the function list of Autel MD808 Pro / MD802 All system / MX808:


Autel MD808 Pro Benz function list: