2020 Top 8 BMW Remote Key Renew Tools Recommendation

Question: I’m looking for tool for BMW key renewal can anybody recommend something for me?


BMW key renew tool which to buy? Check information below:


1. Xhorse VVDI Prog

It can do no problem for E series cars.

Not all keys work kind of problem with dumps, with E series work normally.

Vvdi Prog Renew
VVDI Prog supported BMW remote list:

ORIGINAL 315  Need PCF79XX adapter
ORIGINAL 868  Need PCF79XX adapter
THIRD PARTY  Need PCF79XX adapter
315 REMOTE  Need PCF79XX adapter
433 REMOTE  Need PCF79XX adapter
868 REMOTE  Need PCF79XX adapter


How to Renew BMW PCF79XX Remotes with VVDI Prog

Free Download VVDI Prog PCF79xx Remote Unlock Files



2. Yanhua Mini ACDP

The Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW key renew module is used to renew keys for both BMW E series and F series.

ACDP Programmer Basic Module (~160USD)
+ BMW Key Refresh Module (~50USD)
tested, is working


Tested ACDP Mini on F series key worked good.

Did  315MHZ HUF5662 with ACDP no problem.

Yanhua Acdp Bmw Key Renew 1

Yanhua Acdp Bmw Key Renew 2

Yanhua Acdp Bmw Key Renew 3

Yanhua Acdp Bmw Key Renew 4

Yanhua Acdp Bmw Key Renew 5

Yanhua Acdp Bmw Key Renew 6

3. CG Pro


Cg pro recently added key reset. Working well for BMW keys.

I can speak for 315mhz BMW keys, but both Hextag and CG-Pro renew fully functional OEM keys. All functions like comfort access and remote work perfectly.


CGPro requires a V850 8-PIN adapter to perform key renew.  Supports both BMW E & F series.

*Key renew is a bonus function of CG Pro. CGPro is a universal programmer which can read ecu/mcu/eeprom data, correct mileage, program immo keys etc.

BMW E series:
5WK49125 868MHz remote
5WK49127 315MHz remote
5WK49145 868MHz smart remote
5WK49147 315MHz smart remote

BMW F series:
5WK49661 868MHz
5WK49662 434MHz
5WK49663 315MHz
HUF5661 868Mhz Huf
HUF5662 315Mhz Huf
HUF5663 434Mhz Huf
HUF5667 434Mhz Huf
HUF5661 868Mhz Huf
Huf 434 frequency
Huf 868 frequency

Cg Pro Bmw Key Renew 1 Cg Pro Bmw Key Renew 2 Cg Pro Bmw Key Renew 3


4. Hextag Programmer



Hextag programmer supported BMW key renew list:

E Series
PCF7945 remote
PCF7952 Keyless
PCF7953 Keyless
PCF7941 China
PCF7952 China
PCF7961 China

F Series
HUF 434 HUF5663
HUF 434 HUF5767
HUF 868 HUF5661
315 HUF



Example: How to use HexTag Programmer to renew BMW keys


5. OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 DP Plus

requires PCF79XX key renew Adapter


Support following BMW key renew:

E chassis
ono-original key_OEM_KEY
original key_315MHZ
original key_868MHZ

F chassis



6.  Scorpio Barracuda

Scorpio Barracuda

Barracuda supported BMW remote list:

Remote PCF 7945
KeylessGo PCF 7952
KeylessGo PCF 7953
Remote China V1 PCF 7952
Hella 434Mhz PCF 7953
HUF5661 868Mhz PCF7953
HUF5663 434Mhz PCF7953
HUF5767 434Mhz PCF7953
Siemens 315Mhz PCF 7953PC110



7.  VVDI Key Tool & Renew Adapter 

VVDI key tool and renew adapter set are cancelled products and replaced by VVDI Mini Key Tool & Key Tool Max.

Both mini key tool and key tool max can renew remote. But require an extra renew adapter.

Vvdi Mini Key Tool Remote Renew 1 Vvdi Mini Key Tool Remote Renew 4

VVDI supported BMW remote renew list:

BMW car models
Key Information Adapter Type Transponder Supplementary Information
5WK49125 E series 868MHz remote [8 BMW-E] 7945
5WK49127 E series 315MHz remote [8 BMW-E] 7945
5WK49145 E series 868MHz keyless go [8 BMW-E] 7953
5WK49147 E series 315MHz keyless go [8 BMW-E] 7953
5WK49661 F series 868MHz Continental 7953
5WK49663 F series 315MHz Continental 7953
5WK49662 F series 434MHz Continental 7953
HUF5661 F series 868MHz Huf [7 BMW-F] 7953
HUF5662 F series 315MHz Huf [7 BMW-F] 7953
HUF5663 F series 434MHz Huf [7 BMW-F] 7953
HUF5667 F series 434MHz Huf [7 BMW-F] 7953
F Series 868MHz Huf [7 BMW-F] 7953


8. OBDOK Multibrands PCF79xx Unlocker


BMW CAS 3 Normal
5WK – E – Series
5WK49125 (868MHz)
5WK49127 (315MHz)
5WK49145 (868MHz)
5WK49147 (315MHz)

BMW CAS 4 Continental
5WK – F – Series
5WK49661 (868MHz Continental)
5WK49663 (315MHz Continental)
5WK49662 (434MHz Continental)

HUF – F – Series
HUF5661 (868MHz HUF)
HUF5662 (315MHz HUF)
HUF5663 (434MHz HUF)
HUF5667 (434MHz HUF)