Mercedes Programming, Coding: Autel MK908P or MB SD C4 C5

Question: I need a review for Autel MK908P from a person who have already this tool and use this on Mercedes programming, coding. I’m not sure if to buy genuine mb star c4 or this tool.


Review 1: Vote SD C4 mux & Xdos and Vediamo

If you want a tool for Mercedes then buy a Star sd connect C4 mux.. it is dealer tools of Mercedes, do all diagnostic and coding works. No other tool will give you more than it for sure. Buy MUX and use the latest Xdos and Vediamo, you will can do all for those cars then, but they require you spend time in learning using them of course.

MK908K is good tools on diagnostic and programming, but it works on multi cars, and price is much more expensive and sd c4.


FYI, please use V2019.09 Xentry to program, code Mercedes Benz, V2019.12 Xentry and newest V2020.3 Xentry can’t perform online programming yet, even though you have the online account.


Mercedes W205 coding with DTS monaco





Review 2: Vote Autel MK908

I have genuine C5 and Autel MK908 (not P version)
Never needed C5 since buying Autel
Never needed P version over normal one
If I go to a roadside breakdown I take MK980 and voltmeter
always fix



Mercedes online SCN coding with Autel MaxiSys Pro Ms908p





Review 3: Autel MaxiSys Elite with J2534 VCI

I have the Autel MaxiSys Elite package.  It can program BMW and Mercedes Benz from the tablet, but it can not program GM modules because the software to program GM runs on Windows, not Android. However, you can use the Autel J-Box for your VCI and connect it to a Windows based PC using a USB cable and log on to the GM website for programming. The reason I bought it was for the BMW and Mercedes market – I have heard from many sources that it works very good with the German cars.


The J2534 VCI that is included has not presented any issues so far.  With current subscription, you can update the vehicle database files, you can program and code BMW and Benz directly from the tablet, and you will want to backup the software before your subscription expires. It is expensive to renew.

When it expires, you can’t update the vehicle database or do the coding and programming from the tablet anymore. You can still use the tool after expiration and any rumors you hear that Autel locks you out of the tool are false.

The MK908P has Level 5 vehicle security access whereas the MaxiSys Elite has a Level 2 access, whatever that means. The Elite can do things the MK908P can’t and vice-versa. Autel made it a point to not give any one tool full capabilities. You would need to own both tools in order to get the most out of Autel.

From a business standpoint, this is great!

From a CONsumer perspective, this means spending more $$$, but having a nice set of technical tools to work with.