Which to buy: Lonsdor K518S,K518ISE, K518ME, K518POL etc?

Question: There are Lonsdor k518S, k518ISE, k518ME, k518POL etc, what are the similarities and differences among them? I am considering to purchase one of them for Toyota smart key and Steering key all keys lost.


Lonsdor engineer replied:

They are distinguished from each other by the country / region & local car brands (for example, the Indian version has local Indian models / brands. Other versions do not have these menus).

You can buy the version in your country or the general version (Lonsdor k518S).

K518S K518USA Other customize versions
ACURA Japan 2 ACURA 2 Chinese and Asian software, all versions are released
HONDA Japan Asia 2 HONDA Asia 2
HONDA Japan Middle East 2 MAZDA 2 Middle East K518ME: K518ISL Middle East
HONDA Japan South America 2 Australia:K518AUS Australia
HONDA Japan India 2 Africa (South Africa):K518RSA Africa
HONDA Japan Europe 2 Asia: Cambodia K518KH-4A Asia
HONDA Japan Australia 2 South America K518MX South America
HONDA Japan USA 2 Europe K518POL,K518IBE,K518TUR,K518RUS Europe
HONDA Japan Africa 2
NISSAN Japan Asia 2
NISSAN Japan North America 2
NISSAN Japan South America 2
NISSAN Japan Europe 2
NISSAN Japan Australia 2
NISSAN Japan Africa 2
NISSAN Japan Middle East 2


Lonsdor K518ISE vs. K518S


For Toyota all keys lost, all of the above version are suitable.

Watch this video Lonsdor K518ISE Program LEXUS ES200 all key lost by OBD:

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