LAUNCH X431 V+ “Lack Of Storage Space” Solution


I have been using the Launch X431 V+ tablet for 3 years and it works fine. Yesterday i was try to download the latest software update, it gave me error “Lack of storage space, please try again after the clean up!”

Can i expand the storage space?

Launch X431 V Add Space 4 solution:

The default system storage space is 8GB.
Users are allowed to add more storage space by inserting a Memory card.

Remove the X431 V+ tablet and find out the memory card holder (marked letter “Lenovo”), then insert an extra storage card.

Launch X431 V Add Space 2

Launch X431 V Add Space 3

Launch X431 V Add Space 1

FYI: X431 V+ yearly software subscription is 829USD per year after 2-year free online update.