Reviews on Top 4 BMW F30 FEM Key Programming Tools

Topic: reviews on top 4 BMW F30 FEM key programmer tools.



  1. Experience with Autohex II

Autohex II using OBD II to make keys in F series (EWS4 and EWS5) since a year.
But in F series: you will always have to read DUMP from CAS, no matter if by OBD II or not.

I will make it short. The only method to make a key is getting a specific password stored in EEPROM
Without reading DUMP, this password cannot be retrieved by OBD.
Either way (key programmer or OBD II), we all need this password to make a key.
The advantage in OBD method, is you will be sure that if key got programmed (locked by the CAS itself), it will deficiently work with the car including the remote.

PS: Website says it can do both all keys lost and there is working key



  1. Experience with BMW explorer

Review 1: I just completed key programming of FEM from obd2 with BMW Explorer, this is possible but some steps requires the FEM to be removed. All other functions are from obd2 e.g programming of keys etc. the russians have solved it yes.

Review 2: I use BMW explored and it Work very good in FEM, and can do if lost all keys, but in this case must read ECU to extract ISN..
I was done lost all keys in F20, it work perfect… This car use 868MHZ, but I found others have 434MHZ…


  1. Experience withsimon touch fem bdc tool

I did many, key and mileage using simon touch fem bdc tool
very good device i got it with eeprom programmer in circuit
so I always do the job without removing the eeprom.
you will read the dump easily then program it with the fem tool.



  1. Experience with vvdi2, cgdi bmw etc
    I have a request for a spare key to a BMW 420d, i have experience on doing eeprom work on all BMW’s not had an F series yet though, am i right in thinking that there is a Cas4 unit and a FEM unit? Which one should i use to do the eeprom? What are the benefits of either?

    i have Zed Full but have not yet purchased the FEM kit for it and also have VVDI Prog.


Reply: FEM based cars, you can do only with a couple of tools…
like vvdi2, cgdi bmw, explorer, etc.
need obd connection and eeprom reading/writing…
just use Google