(Solved) JLR DoiP VCI Bad Connection to Laptop

The old JLR DoiP VCI (released in the year 2019) has bad usb connection to PC using a USB able or even using a converter to type C port


Connection error popped up when JLR DoiP VCI is connected to a laptop using a usb cable

JLR DoiP VCI Connection 1

JLR DoiP VCI Connection 2

JLR DoiP VCI Connection 3

  1. WLAN cable and converter connection even didn’t work well. If connected, not stable.

JLR DoiP VCI Connection 4

JLR DoiP VCI Connection 5


But if you have the new JLR DoiP VCI (released in the year 2020), you will have a new LAN cable instead of a usb cable for connection to a laptop.

LAN cable connection is stable and fast.

JLR DoiP VCI Connection 6


That is also the difference between JLR DoiP VCI version 2020 and 2019.


Also, you can try wireless connection. This is setup for reference

JLR DoiP VCI tech support: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/jlr-doip-vci-sdd-for-jaguar-land-rover.html