How to make Nissan NATS4 BDM cable for Orange 5 Programmer?

Purpose of making this adapter: to work  with Nissan NATS, tested NATS 4 easy work, not have NATS 5 for test yet.


Compatible device: OEM Orange 5 (Orange 5 clone)


Wiring diagram to the NATS BDM cable on bench

Orange5 NATS BDM maker

More clear than manual.

All in one page for easiest working on bench
560 Ohm or 2k, not important here. Only use for current LED brightening, like this

The LED use 12V so 560 Ohm gives good luminosity. Usual Led use 12V need 560 ohm resistor.

Resistor using for limited reverse current that can destroy the led.


Credit to lion0304 from digital-kaos.


Original Orange5 works 100% on NATS-4 without DIY a BDM adapter, built around TMS: 5WK4738, 5WK4750, 5WK4803, 5WK48543A,5WK48543B,5WK48692


Immobilizer Pin out:

6-Indication LED
7- +12V (IGN)
8- +12V (Batt)

The only hardware difference between NATS4 and NATS 5 is the K-line Pin position.
NATS K-line is located at second pin, while NATS5 Kline is located on first pin of the plug.

Never attempt to run this application on a car using OBDII plug.  This application is able to act only with dismounted immobilizer.
Connect an immobilizer as shown on the picture using the Orange5 LK-CAN adapter.

View of the assembled application


After reading NATS dump, you can erase and add keys.

How to make a key to NATS4 system:
1. Assemble the device as shown on the picture above.
2. Supply an external power to the immobilizer +12V as shown above
3. Push the “KEY” button on ON position. This button emulates ignition.
4. Run Orange.exe
5. Click the “Select Type” and choose “O5 IMMO”
6. In the left windows select “Nissan”
7. In the right window choose NATS-4(TMS) depending on the label with marking “5WK4…” as described above.
8. CLick the R (Read) button
9. After success reading save the dump
10. Apply the saved dump on Tango key programmer to make a key. Tango will generated a new dump. Save the new dump.
11. Open the new dump with Orange5 and write it to the immobilizer, click on the W(Write) button