VVDI2 Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q5/Q7 Component Protection Manual

Confirmed! Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer is able to do component protection for Audi incl. Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q5/Q7.

Vvdi2 Vag Component Protection


Generation 1: Audi A8 (2003-2010) control unit, Audi A6/Q7/Allroad (2004-2008) part

control unit.


The following types are covered:

1) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 07 – Control Head (MMI)

2) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 09 – Central electric (ILM Fahrer)

3) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 0E – Media Player 1 (MP3 CD Changer)

4) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 18 – Auxiliary Heater

5) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 46 – ILM Front passenger (ILM Beifahrer)

6) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 06 – Seat Memory Passenger

7) Audi A6/Q7 (2004-2009) – 36 – Memory module (Driver’s seat)

8) Audi A8 (2003-2006) – 17 – Instrument Cluster

9) Audi A8 (2003-2010) – 06 – Seat Memory Passenger

10) Audi A8 (2003-2010) – 36 – Memory module (Driver’s seat)

11) Audi A8 (2003-2010) – 47 – DSP Bang & Olufsen

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 4

Component protection steps for generation 1:

Step 1: Require 2nd hand device EEPROM dump. Item 8) can read by OBDII, other item need read EEPROM dump with BDM programmer


Step 2: After decrypt 2nd hand device EEPROM dump, we need new car component protection data. Accord car type there are 2 methods:

 For A6/Q7/Allroad vehicles: You can load new car J518 EEPROM, of course you can read this EEPROM by OBDII

 For A8 vehicles: We need connect to internal CAN line to obtain component protection data.

VVDI2 DB25 line

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 2

internal CAN line (under driver’s seat)

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 3

connect the line one by one.

Then press button “Read” in

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 1

After success read, before continue you need connect VVDI2 DB25 interface to car OBDII


Step 3: After read component protection data success from new car. Just follow programs’ message and NEXT to learn the 2nd hand device to new car


Generation 2: Audi A6/Q7/Allroad other control unit, Audi A4/A5/Q5 control unit


Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 4

Now we support following modules: Entry And Start Authorization, Airbags, Instruments,

Central Electric, Central Comfort Module, Seat Memory Driver, Auto HVAC, Auxiliary

heater, Seat memory passenger, Sound System, Control head, Information Electric, Radio



Component protection steps for generation 2:

Step 1: Connect VVDI2 to car via OBDII, press button “Start”. Pic below is one scan result

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 5

 Status show Adapt to car means unit is already adapt to car

 Status show No Component protection means unit don’t have component protection function

 Status show Virgin means unit is new module, it is ready to learn

Step 2: Select destination unit and press button NEXT

 For the Adapt to car module we need reset module to virgin, we provide 4 methods:

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 6

 By module EEPROM dump read by OBDII (available for EZS-Kessy, KOMBI,

AIRBAG, Comfort module and Climatronic) (First time read climatronic via OBDII need reflash module)

 By module EEPROM dump (available for EZS-Kessy and AIRBAG)

 By GATEWAY EEPROM dump (available for all devices, requires the GATEWAY EEPROM dump from the car where module was originally equipped)

 By GATEWAY EEPROM read by OBD (available for all devices, requires the GATEWAY from the car where module was originally equipped, to be connected in the car. It may need reflash GATEWAY for the first time, flash need about 2 minutes)

 After success reset module to virgin, turn to step 3), enter learn module to car

Vvdi2 Audi Component Protection 7

Step 3: For virgin module, enter learn module to car (PICTURE 6.16)

 To learn the specified module to the vehicle, you need the EEPROM dump of the GATEWAY module from the car where you want to build the module

 Load GATEWAY EEPROM dump (Load the new vehicle GATEWAY EEPROM dump)

 Read by OBDII (Requires connect to new car, and will reflash GATEWAY for first time read (about 2 minutes))

 After you read GATEWAY EEPROM success, press button NEXT to complete learn operation

4) After the 2nd module learn to car, it works now



Note: The other good way to do audi component protection is using odis software.

Here is the reference: http://blog.obdii365.com/2018/08/10/odis-enables-disables-vw-audi-component-protection/