How to use VVDI BMW Tool for F & G series Diagnosis, Coding, Programming?

Confirmed! With a VVDI BMW Tool, you have luck with BMW F & G series diagnosis, coding, programming.

Vvdi Bmw Tool Full Kit



Here you go…


  1. Connect VVDI BMW to car

VVDI BMW TOOL can automatically detect vehicle type, and read module inside information

Vvdi Bmw Tool Connection To Car

  1. Vehicle configuration(FA/FP)

VVDI BMW can read module inside vehicle configuration information, and change vehicle configuration information for used module replacement.

Vvdi Bmw Tool Vehicle Configuration

  1. Read/Clear DTCs

Xhorse VVDI BMW is able to read and clear DTCs, for vehicle maintenance

Vvdi Bmw Tool Read Clear Faults

  1. BMW coding

VVDI BMW is also able to read module inside coding information, According to the requirements, User can setting the related value to access to parts of configuration functions

Vvdi Bmw Tool Coding 1

Function description:

  1. Read coding: Read module inside coding information
  2. Save coding file: Save the coding information as file
  3. Load coding file: Load the saved coding file
  4. Calculate default coding file: If the default coding file get lost, support from vehicle

configuration information to calculate the default coding file

  1. Write coding: Write the coding to module
  2. Special function: We re-listed parts of common change configuration functions,

software display just common change options, as the following picture

Vvdi Bmw Tool Coding 2

  1. BMW programming

From vehicle configuration information to calculate the related module flash information, and write to module

Vvdi Bmw Tool Programming

Function description:

  1. Program all units: From module configuration information to calculate vehicle all

control units programming information

  1. Search all database: Search all database, will not compare module inheritance

hierarchy information

  1. Calculate programming file: From configuration information to calculate module

programming file, it takes time arrange around 10 seconds to tens of minutes.

  1. Programming: Select related programming file and programming module


Free Download Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool User Manual