How to Make Mongoose Pro GM II work with Tech2Win for Saab?

Here, I’ll chip in words of Drew Tech Mongoose Pro GM II cable.

The primary use for this cable will be to perform SPS programming on my 2007 Yukon XL. However…GM recently approved this cable for use with Tech2Win! And even better yet, GM appears to have released a Saab NAO binary that DOES work in Tech2Win. 

To date I have seen almost no discussion of Mongoose/Saab NAO v9.25 Tech2Win on this forum or any others and don’t understand why not. I was able to acquire it from another webiste and it works natively with Tech2Win. I did not have to modify the binary at all.

That means I should be able to achieve connectivity to my 2007 and 2008 9-3’s with the Mongoose and Tech2Win, using the DrewTech drivers and one of the following protocols that the Mongoose supports:

Bus Protocols

  • CAN pins 3-11, 6-14, 12-13
  • Single Wire CAN pin 1
  • J1850VPW / GM Class 2
  • ISO 9141 / KWP pins 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13
  • ISO22900 Compliant for GM’s Tech2WIN software

This would make a nice alternative to the crappy Tech II’s coming out of China. The Mongoose GM II cable is ~ $450 bucks. And it works.

Having finally given up on my clone Tech II (I fixed it, it worked for a while longer and then finally gave up the ghost ) I am determined to bring a affordable, reliable Tech2 experience to the Saab community.

Here are tests and results of the cable…


For one of my tests I am going to re-add my ECU on the 2007 to update the software to the latest rev to fix my engine drop on hot restart issue.


It works!

I was finally able to test it out the other day. This is where I got to. I will post screen shots later (at work and don’t have access yet).

First thing you need to do with this setup is access the DrewTech Tech2Win driver settings. There is a check box about dropping CAN signals for low-speed CAN. The default is that this box is checked. Uncheck it. Without doing so, you will not be able to access the low speed CAN and will get error messages and various other problems, especially with regards to requesting security access.

Next trick I had to figure out was how to get security access. This proved to be pretty simple…just perform the function as you would on a regular Tech II and use TIS2000!

I tried using the Opel Global TIS V32 security access function but was not able to make it work. I cannot be sure this is due to a setting somewhere or just an incompatability with the car, but TIS2000 works great.

Anybody excited yet? Haha, I’m just giddy over this. Legit, supported hardware and legit, supported software working.

Tech2Win working with a Saab! Fully working! I can’t wait until the next time my wife and son are taking a nap so I can sneak off to my car to keep tooling around with this setup.

The next thing I am doing is updating my 2007 9-3 2.0T ECU software to the latest REV because it’s currently suffering from the occational hot start idle stumble.




Note 1:

Have to ask where you got the binary and what version is it? Also does it cost anything?


In order to get started you need two pieces of software. One is Opel GlobalTIS V32 and the other is Tech2Win v2.256. I was able to source both from MHH Auto. I am going to attempt to get both posted in a place where people can access it easier than I did. Both were “free to me”. I prefer to think of it as borrowing.

Tech2Win will come with a variety of BINs, including Saab NAO 9.25, so it’s included in the bundle, no separate download.

The next trick was getting Opel GlobalTIS V32 activated. Luckily some nice folks on MHH Auto helped me with that. I would LOVE to know where to find one if possible to avoid that problem in the future.

Once you get both installed (I am using XP 32 bit in a Parallels virtual machine on a MacBook Pro circa 2007), you are good to go.

The reason you need Opel GlobalTIS is that it will allow you to refresh the license on Tech2Win. Otherwise that goes kaput and I haven’t found another way to “crack” it so to say. By opening Tech2Win and performing a security access operation via Opel GlobalTIS, it will update the license for 1 day and then everything will work.

Obviously I am leaving out the part about having the Mongoose cable and installing the software with that. The one trick I found with the Mongoose was unchecking the box about dropping CAN signals for low speed CAN. Basically you open up the Tech2Win Mongoose Driver Config after install and there will be two check boxes and one of them will be checked. So just uncheck that and you are good to go.




Is this thing functionally a direct replacement for the entire Tech2+Candi+USB-RS232 adapters and whatnot?


Well the results are in, I was able to repgrogram my ECU with this set up! I’d say that’s a pretty darn good validation, don’t you think? ;ol; I also browsed just about every functional menu and test there was and experienced absolutely no problems executing any of them.

This setup IS a functionally direct replacement for the entire Tech2+Candi+USB-RS232 adapters and whatnot. The whole shebang. No more dealing with any of that crap.

The Mongoose is certified to meet the ISO22900 standard that GM uses for Tech2 communications, which is why it can replace the Tech2.

I will caviat one thing at this point, I know this will work with any 2003+ 9-3SS. I am almost nearly sure it will work with 9-5’s as well, because I believe the Mongoose can use K-line, which was used in the 9-5’s unitl they switched over to GMLAN.



Note 3:

Any additional info would be awesome, like any required subscription or licencing costs.

As for required subscription, there is none. You just need to get Tech2Win v2.256 and Opel GlobalTIS v32 and get GlobalTIS activated. It’s specifically v32 that you want, not v36. Later versions lost the ability to grant security access and other features that you need in order to refresh the license on Tech2Win. You will also need TIS2000 for security access.

One of the next experiments I am going to perform is to clone the virtual machine and try to co-locate/co-install Opel GlobalTIS and Saab GlobalTIS on the same box. That would solve one of the problems I am having, which is that I need to get security access through TIS2000 still, which means that newer Saabs won’t work properly. The Saab NAO 9.25 BIN goes all the way up to 2012, so I just need to get Saab GlobalTIS talking to it.

I think it may be possible to just change the ports at installation so that they don’t conflict with the other install and BAM! You are done. The other option I am looking at is an emulator that allows for remote serial connections. That way I could access Saab GlobalTIS from another box and grant security access that way. I might also be able to do SPS programming via Tech2 remote mode, all through the emulator! There is a lot more to play around with, so I will continue to play around and post as I make progress.