1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 New BCM – Need Go To The Dealer?

Here are tips for anyone with a 99′ 2500 silverado ext cab (4×4, 6.0L, 1 Ton running gear) and have found and purchased what is to be a BCM for the newer trucks, but not sure if it does need to go to the dealer to have this installed.


If you can do the following (not likely), you don’t need to visit a dealer…



Body Control Module (BCM) Programming/RPO Configuration



The body control module (BCM) must be programmed with the proper RPO configurations. The BCM stores the information regarding the vehicle options and if the BCM is not properly configured with the correct RPO codes the BCM will not control the features properly. Ensure that the following conditions exist in order to prepare for BCM programming:



– The battery is fully charged.


– The ignition switch is in the RUN position.


– The data link connector (DLC) is accessible.


Follow the instructions on the Techline Terminal and scan tool to program the BCM.


If the BCM fails to accept the program, perform the following steps:


– Inspect all BCM connections.


– Verify that the Techline Terminal and scan tool have the latest software version.


Passlock Learn Procedures


Requirements for Using Any Learn Procedure


Perform the Learn Procedure if any of the following components have been replaced:


Important: If any module is replaced, programming the module must be done prior to performing the Passlock Learn procedure.




  • The Passlock sensor


  • The body control module (BCM)


  • The powertrain control module (PCM)


  • The vehicle control module (VCM)




Passlock Learn Procedure — Using the Techline Terminal and the Scan Tool


Follow the instructions displayed on the Techline Terminal in Service Programming System (SPS) and the scan tool like MDI interface for this reprogramming procedure.


Auto Learn Passlock Procedure



Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position (NOT the CRANK position).


Turn the ignition switch to the CRANK position, then release to the RUN position (Do NOT start the vehicle).


Observe the security telltale for approximately 10 minutes.


After the ignition switch has been in the RUN position for approximately 10 minutes, the security telltale will transition from ON, then to OFF.


Repeat Steps 1–4 two more times.


After 3 consecutive cycles of the ignition switch are successfully completed, the vehicle will learn the new component on the next ignition lock cylinder cycle from the OFF position to the CRANK position, then to the RUN position. The vehicle will then start.


Clear the DTCs using a GM scan tool.


Here are good GM scan tools for use.


Vxdiag Vcx Nano Gm Scan Tool


  1. GM MDI:

Mdi Gm Scan Tool



  1. GM Tech 2:

Tech2 Gm Scan Tool



The biggest difference of the three GM tools is:

  1. Tech 2 is hand-held and portable, while Vxdiag and MDI are PC-based
  2. VXDIAG VCX NANO GM software is updatable and works good for new vehicles even the latest
  3. GM MDI clone features good price for SPS programming