Ktag 6.070 Warning “Mandatory Update” – Solved by Tokens Reset

Look here: Ktag 6.070 token issues SOLVED


Ktag version:

Ktag firmware version 6.070

Ktag Warning Mandatory Update 1

Error message:

ktag warning: mandatory update within the next 5 programming. connect the tool to the internet and run the update as soon as possible

Ktag Warning Mandatory Update 2


There are only 5 tokens left, so you need to reset tokens.


You need:

  1. Reset tokens for Ktag. 6.070 is the Unlimited tokens version, no need desolder chips.
    We add tokens programming software on the CD. Once tokens run over, follow our video to program tokens step by step. No need remove the token chip from the main board, no need desolder chips.
  2. If still not works, pls replace the TF card and reset tokens again.

Free Download Ktag ksuite token reset file https://mega.nz/#!ITJFTYSL!3hgFVQvhdyUKGlRqkq47movofP5s_KSU9hP3z7MvEXs

Video: reset tokens for Ktag fw6.070



DO NOT connect to the network!

Otherwise, you might have an issue of block and need send the machine back for repair.

Pls. check with Ktag you have and contact the support for methods to reset tokens

Ktag list:



The best is to have a Ktag 7.020


Ktag Network Connection

This is an online version. No need worry about network connection!

And it has not a reset button and without token limitation!