What is the VAG Best Key Tool for 4th & 5th IMMO and MQB System?

Here’s the research on that delivers following products (VAG best key tool):

1) VVDI2
2) Abrites
Best Vag Key Tool Vvdi2 Abrites Commander

Now, will talk about the two by immo systems:

  1. 4th immo
  2. 5th immo
  3. MQB


in detail…


Part 1: VAG 4th immobilizer system



VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat/Porsche/Bentley vehicles all have 4th immobilizer car:

  1. Instrument – CDC3217/CDC3297/CDC3272 + 24C32
  2. Instrument – NEC+24C32
  3. Instrument – NEC+24C64
  4. Instrument – NEC+24C64 (2013-)
  5. Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2012 TFT color display)
  6. Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2013 TFT color display)
  7. Instrument– NEC35xx
  8. Instrument– NEC+95320
  9. Instrument– Motorola 9S12XHZ512(Golf6 MM7 – 2011)
  10. Instrument– NEC+95320(Johnson Controls)
  11. Instrument– NEC+95320(JCI – 2013 Bora/Jetta)
  12. Instrument– Visteon
  13. VW Passat B6/B7/CC Key Learn
  14. Touareg/Phaeton/A8/Cayenne/Bentley 4th immobilizer
  15. Audi A1 – NEC+24C64
  16. Audi A3/TT/R8 – CDC3217/3297 + 24C32
  17. Audi A4 – instrument Crypto RB4 (2001+)
  18. Audi A4 –instrument Crypto RB8 (2004+)
  19. Audi A6/Q7/Allroad – EZS-Kessy
  20. Audi Q3



Abrites commander:


(again the immobilizer is stored in the cluster but now it spreads to other models too. The difference between IMMO III and IV is very slight and it is often hard to differentiate between the two. For this reason they are basically considered to be one type).


  • GOLF V/ GOLF VI (and all derivatives)
  • A3 8P (and all derivatives)
  • PASSAT 6 (and all derivatives)
  • A6/ Q7 EZS KESSY (and all derivatives)
  • A8/ PORSCHE CAYENNE/ BENTLEY CONTINENTAL (and all derivatives)
  • A4 B7 (and all derivatives)
  • OCTAVIA 1Z (and all derivatives)


– IMMO II (the immobilizer is stored in the cluster).



  • GOLF IV (and all derivatives)
  • A3 8P (and all derivatives)
  • PASSAT 5/ 5.5 (and all derivatives)
  • OCTAVIA 1U FACELIFT (and all derivatives)


– IMMO I (external IMMO box).


  • GOLF III (and all derivatives)
  • A4 B5 before the facelift in 2001 (and all derivatives)
  • Passat IV (and all derivatives)


Part 2: VAG 5 th immobilizer system



This type use VAG immo5 transponder or OEM key Support following cars: A4 (2009-), A5, Q5, A6 (2012-), A7, A8(2011-), Touareg (2011-)



(this is the current generation of immobilizers, in it we can see not just the spreading of the immo in different modules but also the significant enlargement of the component security which is divided between the modules).


  • BCM II cars – A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q5 (and all derivatives)
  • MQB cars: GOLF VII/A3 8V/OCTAVIA A8/LEON 5F/NEW POLO/Q3 (and all derivatives)
  • Some crossover models with IMMO IV with 16 byte component security in the ECU.


Part 3: MQB system



mqb authorization is free, if you have vvdi2 full authorization, vag 4th immo authorization, vag 4th & 5th immo authorization, copy 48 96bit authorization

Vvdi2 Vag Mqb Immobilizer

VVDI2 MQB vehicle coverage:

VVDI2 works for MQB NEC35xx immobilizer/ dashboard below:

Audi A3/S3 2014+

Audi Q2

VW Golf7

VW Polo(MQB)

VW Tiguan II

VW Touran II

VW crafter 2017+

VW Passat B8 without virtual cockpit

Skoda Octavia III 2014.07+

Skoda Rapid 2015.06+

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Superb III

Seat Ibiza/Ateca/Toledo 2015.06+


Abrites for VAG MQB:


MQB ( GOLF 7, A3 8V, Octavia A8, etc.) ALL KEYS LOST or additional keys. for cars with VDO, JCI and Virtual Cockpit cluster.

There are two procedures to complete this procedure:

  1. No tokens required – just MQB key learning.
    – Go to Instrument CAN.
    – Select MQB AKL.
    – Follow the steps.
    The down side to this method is that the car will have Component Protection in it and will need to visit the dealer.
    2. Tokens required:
    – Go to the ECU programming tool and read the ECU’s flash and Dataflash. Save them
    – Go to the IMMO V adaptation and select transmission, then MQB DSG. (not needed for manual transmission cars). Obtain the CS.
    – Go to EDC17 BOOT under ECU and extract the CS from the ECU as we normally do by loading the files and waiting for the result.
    Now we can start learning keys.
    – Go to key learning
    – IMMO 4/5 by component security.
    – Input the results of the whole CS reading above.
    – The software will subtract a token there
    – Program keys.

CARS UP TO 2018 supported for key programming here are the supported types starting from the oldest to the newest, the models are just examples and do not represent the full list. Complete IMMO I – IMMO V solution:



VVDI2 VAG User Manual:


Abrites Commander VAG User Manual: