How to Replace BMW FEM/BDC with A Used One?

How-to: replace FEM/BDC with used one in F series when have communications with original.


Solution 1:

Device used: AutoHex II for BMW

•Unlock original FEM/BDC using working key in Autohex II
•Read and save ISN from the original FEM/BDC using the secret file you got after unlock(ISN Manager option 4)
•Save FA from FA manager
•Connect used FEM/BDC on Autohex
•Unlock and reset mileage for used FEM/BDC
1.Using working key if it has one
2.Using option 3 without isn and key

•After getting the secret file for used FEM/BDC go to isn manager option 4 and write the isn saved from original
•Change vin for used fem from CAS replacement–>Advanced
•Program key if needed using secret file for used
•Load already saved original fa to used one from FA manager
•go out of coding/programming and come inside and Program GW and Body from Indiv Programing
you can do this steps if you have key for used fem.



Solution 2:

Use Yanhua Mini ACDP and E-sys

For example, The original BMW BDC module is completely dead.
We have a used BDC.

This unit contains 2 units. One is BDC containing immobiliser data and Coding data. Other is Gateway containing no Coding but FA table. Mini ACDP niether Autel have no access to Gateway Table. You can adapt immobilizer to the car using AKL procedure but car will remain with hunderd other communication problems. You need Abrites and using BMW online software you need to transfer Gateway table from old BDC to the used one. Or you can do that with ESys but you need to know how.


Do all key lost, and generate an FA from VIN and VO Code the FEM and that’s it.
You need to extract ISN from ECU first.


Follow steps below to replace used BMW FEM/BDC module by Yanhua ACDP:

1. Read isn from dme
2. Unlock bdc,preprocess used fem …be careful not to lose coding with acdp and write isn
3. Make keys AKL and add key using dme isn
4. Change vin and key frequency in FEM edit immo functions
5. Generate FA
6. Flash and code bdc using Esys. install on car and verify VO and coding using esys.