BMW X5 DME MEVD17 Bench Adaptation with AutoHex II Success

BMW F series X5 DME MEVD17 adaptation success using Autohex II for BMW. The original DME is water damaged.

This function is used to Read/Write DME ISN on bench without opening the ECU.








Autohex II allows us to clone a new or used DME on BMW as well.  The procedure goes here:

To replace this DME, we first must read ISN
Turn on ignition switch
Go to BMW software->Coding/Programming->CAS DME ISN Manager->press “1” to read ISN from original DME
Save ISN to use it in the replacement DME
Switch ignition off
Now we replace the corrupted DME with a new one or used one (must be compatible)
Engine will not start and a fault of EWS will be there
We will write the ISN we have read it from original DME into this DME to match DME ISN with original CAS ISN
Go to ISN Manager
Load the original DME ISN saved previously
Start writing the DME ISN
Original ISN is stored in this DME
Engine starts, next step, you can update the DME and encode it.