Free Download HDS 3.102.051 iHDS 1.004.012 for Honda HIM

(Sept. 2019) Here is the new Honda HDS 3.102.051 and latest ihds, and also latest J2534 rewrite:
About the immo, i think, must be hacked for ihds, because still doesn’t work even using the latest one.


Language: English
Version: 3.102.051
Platform: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, WIN8, WIN10
Year: 2018
Date of update: 03.2018


HDS 3.102.051.iso!9apGgZDT!2ZMh0WJvz9WhTz1mJCJEXg?VDA0HJbB

iHDS 1.004.012.iso!9apGgZDT!2ZMh0WJvz9WhTz1mJCJEXg?YHx1lQpI

J2534 Rewrite 1.00.0015_20180123.iso!9apGgZDT!2ZMh0WJvz9WhTz1mJCJEXg?lD5ilZRB

HondaAcura IMMO.rar!9apGgZDT!2ZMh0WJvz9WhTz1mJCJEXg?BWQjBZ6K


Disclaimer: It’s your own risk!

Recommendation: HDS 3.102.004 tested version


XP or Windows 7 compatible



  • PC or laptop with either Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or later) or XP (SP1 or later)
  • Hard disk drive with at least 400MB of free space
  • CD-ROM drive (if a high-speed Internet connection is not available)
  • Type II PC card drive (HDS Tablet only)
  • RS232 port required to connect PC to HIM (PC version software only)
  • Monitor capable of displaying in VGA mode or above (1024 x 768 recommended)
  • Internet connection (high-speed connection recommended)




  • Checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Real-time data display (Data List)
  • Data capture (snapshot)
  • Vehicle and system specific function tests
  • Reprogram ECUs with J2534 Rewrite application


  • The Honda and Acura J2534 Control Module Update software has been replaced with J2534 Rewrite, which is included with the i-HDS suite.
  • To add, delete or replace keys, refer to Keys and Codes in ServiceExpress.
  • To initialize replaced ECM/PCMs, see PCM Initialization below.
  • 1996-2002 Honda Passport PCM reprogramming with the Smart Cable and software is no longer supported. Please reference Service Bulletin 99-005 for details.
  • 1996-1999 Acura SLX PCM reprogramming with the Smart Cable and software is no longer supported. Please reference Service Bulletin 99-019 for details.


Instruction: HDS windows 7 install


Self test:


Test report: HDS on HIM

HDS 3.102:

HDS 3.101:


Test report: HDS on VAS5054A


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Reference: Honda CR-V 1996-2001 diagnosis & programming