How to write Benz FBS3 BGA Keyless Go Key via USB?

Let’s starts with some frequently asked questions on the Benz FBS3 BGA keyless Go Key.

I buy this keyless go key, How to write via usb ?
And i can reuse it ?
And this connection with which tool use it to write via usb ?
Does it work on GLC 300?

The key is not reusable. 

The key is connected by USB for data read and write.

As long as you can read the Ignition Switch’s data and collect the correct password, the key can match the same function as the OEM keyless go.

Supported  models:

S series W221 W216: YES!
ML/G/R series W164 W251: YES!
2010-2014 C & E series: NO!
Compatible with VVDI MB tool



Additional information:

Frequency: 433MHz
Write by IR vehicle coverage: Mercedes with FBS3 system after year 2009

The key does not come with battery.

The key can be programmed as normal key.

This 3-button Smart key shell is recommended to use with the key.


How to use the Benz FBS3 KeylessGo Smart Key?

1. Install battery before write key and test all key buttons.

2. Only allowed upload V51 version key data. (If VVDI MB fails to write key via IR, it is normal)

3. Remove battery before get in car and activate key. Insert and unplug key for 5-6 times every 5 seconds. If the key can start vehicle, install battery, test the remote control and keyless go function.


FBS3 key USB connection wiring diagram


The MBSmartKeyTool software is required when write key via USB



Software can be download here for free:!3nRFiaSR!cx5h7n0ebe9koeI6gJHZ_quZldJ-JvOO1vYwhl_WOd0

Read EIS data and collect correct password, then write a key.