FAQs CGDI MB: Download, Activation, Tokens, fbs4, eis/elv/nec Adapter

Here are questions and answers of the cgdi mb programmer, incl.


Part 1: cgdi mb software download

Part 2: cgdi mb activation

Part 3: cgdi mb and eis/elv/nec adapter

Part 4: cgdi mb tokens

Part 5: cgdi mb key programming

Part 6: cgdi mb fbs4

Part 7: cgdi mb review


in detail…


Part 1: cgdi mb software download


How can I get the latest CGDI software?
Look at the cgdi official website: http://www.cgprogcar.com/?c=list&ms=download

CGDI programmer don’t come with software. You should go to the official site to download software


I downloaded CGDI MB software. but the language is Chinese

Go to Setup in the top right corner to change language


I changed the language, from Chinese to English. But not worked. Software still in Chinese.(Error: 中国地区发型版本仅支持简体中文 Only simplified Chinese is available for programmers released in China)


Pls send me your SN. obdii365.com will help you out.

cgdi mb website: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/cgdi-prog-benz-key-programmer.html



Part 2: cgdi mb activation


Please help activation CGDI MB. The serial number: MB0004F8 

Ok. will deal with it right now


Activated CGDI programmer myself. But failed. How to do?

You should use the latest CGDI MB software.


Can you help CGDI MB activation? What should i provide for the activation?

You should provide info: serial number, user name

Fyi, the default version to activate is the basic ver. if you need an advanced ver., pls tell us before activation.



Part 3: cgdi mb and eis/elv/nec adapter


Can I use Mercedes EIS cables with CGDI?

EIS cable i have: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/mercedes-test-cable-of-eis-elv-test-cables-for-vvdi-mb-bga-tool.html

In theory, yes. But pros working for obdii365.com have not tested yet.


CGDI MB + Xhorse ELV emulator + EIS/ELV cables, can program a emulator elv from eis w207?

Yes. But there might be a compatibility issue of the programmer and emulator. You can try it at your own risk. Pro advise you to use a VVDI MB Tool


CGDI MB error read emulator elv error! Please confirm the connection and continue.


The elv emulator is not connected well. pls check the connection.


If i use the nec adapter with cgdi programmer, is it necessary to do soldering?


Yes. you have to do that.



Part 4: cgdi mb tokens


What’s the meaning of the red and green diamond on the CGDI software?

The red diamond qty: times for password calculation

The green diamond qty: times for key file generation


Policies About CGMB Tokens

A,New Policy: ( Each day you can get 1 token for free, if you want to continue calculating  password in a day, you can check tips below to get more tokens)

1 Point= 4.6USD, How to get points ?

  • CGDI BMW=2 Points, CGPR0=1 Point, CG100=1 Point ( Remark : Point will be limited per day and 5 points limited which should not show on interface)
  • Providing us an actual HD video for CGDI products to get 1 extra point.

B, Old Policy: 60USD/half year

CGDI MB bought before 1st,June,2018   

  • If you have CGDI MB and CGDI BMW,you can get 4 tokens.
  • If you have CGDI MB,CGDI BMW and CG-PRO, you can get 4 tokens.
  • If you have CGDI MB,CGDI BMW,CGPRO and CG-100, you can get 4 tokens.
  • If you have 2 CGDI MB and CGDI BMW,you can get 4 tokens.

CGDI MB bought after 1st,June ,2018

  • If you have CGMB and CGDI BMW, you can get 3 tokens.
  • If you have CGDI MB ,CGOI BMW and CGPRO, you can get 4 tokens.
  • If you have CGDI MB,CGDI BMW,CG PRO and CG 100,you can get 4 tokens.
  • If you have 2 CGDIMB and CGDI BMW, you can get 3 tokens.



Part 5: cgdi mb key programming


Does CGDI MB support mercedes benz keyless go system?

Yes. in china, most keys are produced without keyless go


Can I use CGDI and EIS cables for gearbox and ecu renew?

CGDI now is able to renew ECU, TCU and ISM.

For more info, pls go to http://www.cgprogcar.com/?c=msg&id=313


Can CGDI program a new key to W164? all keys lost.

CGDI MB all keys lost covers models: w211, w209, w204, w207, w212, w166, w246, w197, w172, w164+, w216, w202, w208, w210, w203, w463, w639, w215, w220 etc



Part 6: cgdi mb fbs4


CGDI MB is able to program Benz key fbs4?

No.  With genuine xentry and daimler fbs server.  Makes FBS4 every day via OBD very fast and easy.

Diagspeed announced the dates of FBS4 solution. But not confirmed yet. The Diagspeed has the reputation of being the best in the Mercedes world to make keys, Reset ECU’s and trouble shoot problems that a normal scan tool can not.  It is worth to take a gamble.


CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys and knows if it’s in a working status or key is damaged



source: http://blog.obdii365.com/2018/12/23/cgdi-mb-and-vvdi-mb-can-program-fbs4-keys/



Part 7: cgdi mb reviews


Can you share any good experience with CGDI on Mercedes?

Look here: http://blog.obdii365.com/2019/05/27/cgdi-mb-obd-add-new-keys-to-mercedes-2000-2019/ cgdi test reports on Mercedes