HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite Failed to Connect with Bluetooth Solution


I had problem connecting Bluetooth with the NexzDAS Lite obd2 code reader on my Android mobile phones. I have tried Sony xperia xa2 , Samsung Note9, Oppo and Samsung Note8 phones,  all with latest Android operating system.

I removed older NexzDAS app 3.4 and install new 3.8 version. Only Note8 was able to make Bluetooth connection.


Possible reason:

The NexzDAS lite Bluetooth is not compatible with all Android mobile phones.

Besides, the App requires Android operating system above 5.0.



OBDII365 Solution:

Scan the QR code below to install the TTC-BLE App


(You can download TTC App on Google Play Store by search “TTC-BLE” as well.)

TTC-BLE is the third-party software App designed to connect data modules and module parameters through the mobile phone APP and Bluetooth module. The APP can set IO port, PWM input and other parameters through Bluetooth, and can also display the specific data content of the transmission.


After download TTC app, follow steps below to set up:

Exit the NexzDAS App.
Start vehicle engine, connect NexzDAS lite scanner to vehicle via OBD socket
The NexzDAS communication indicator turns on
Open NexzDAS App
Click Bluetooth icon on the top right-corner of the App

Then open the TTC-BLE app, connect Bluetooth starts with H*********



Our customer has tested and successfully connected Bluetooth with his Sony xperia xa2  mobile phone.