Foxwell NT644 Pro Review: Capable, Valuable, Fast, Easy-to-use

Have collected customer reviews of Foxwell NT644 Pro hand-held diagnostic tool:




  1. It looks to be a very capable tool and especially nice is the free updates.


  1. I bought it for is absolutely fantastic value for money and great for the DIY’er.


  1. been very impressed with every Foxwell tool I’ve used.


  1. I have to agree for the money and for what it can do no complaints my end


  1. it is actually a great tool, I’m a user of this tool from past couple of months


  1. for the price it’s fast simple and easy to use free updates


  1. a reasonable scanner for the money. I like the colour screen too.


  1. Everybody should own a scan tool and learn the basics of how to operate it.


  1. Nice bit of kit….Love obd2 scanners….but as my calibra is pre OBD2 I have a OBD2 “china clone” and lead adapter….works ok and can program key chips too….nice with my 8v engine….some C25xe (v6) engines/ecu it wont talk to it…..


  1. just obtained one, absolute dogs yollocks, starting to narrow down me battery warning failure (This was on my old car, now sold :)), just need to find 2volts :), ok, traced to supply wiring fault to battery health box (BHB) attached to the battery. The BMS (Body Monitoring System) takes reference voltage direct from the battery and compares it to that sent by the BHB. If the BHB sends wrong or no voltage value BMS flags a failure. If you disconnect supply to BHB the BMS now takes is reference fom the ABS (and not the BHB) system and works fine (exempt yor battery wont be monitored to the same extent).


  1. Foxwell NT644 Pro worked good and Foxwell NT500 GIVEAWAY!


  1. it’s fast easy and simple to use and a really good thing about this tool is it free update. We are also giving away as a competition prize to a patron subscribers Foxwell NT500 this works on vag cars


13. My Foxwell NT644 Pro System package arrived promptly.It was carefully packed as I had asked. The hand Unit is made very well and the navigation buttons all have a distinctive feel.The additional Adapter kit with the full system model looked very well made.I have bought several Foxwell products from this store before and the staff were very helpful with after sales and service.I trust them and would recommend them to everyone.If I had one issue it would be that Foxwell include a guide to numbers marked on the additional adapters.I connected the unit up to my car briefly and it seems to be incredibly well set out and fully featured.As a retired Automotive technician,I wanted a tool with free updates for life and I’m sure that that is unit will pay for itself very quickly.It seems to cover nearly all major vehicle systems in great detail.For now I will familiarize myself with this incredible diagnostic tool.


14.Scanner can do just about anything. Have a vw with electric parking brake and this unit can wind it back electronically and reset it as well. Scans loads of different cars. You won’t be disappointed!


15. This NT644 is a super piece of diag equipment. I have so far used it on about 15 vehicles as i run a mobile mechanics business. I previously had about 15 individual kits but this pretty much does everything in one swoop. Faults from abs, traction, engine, airbags, parking sensors, power steering, air conditioning, central locking, DPF and a whole load more. Very good from me and please i came across this tool. A+++++++


16.All is ok for the NT644 as I have to reset the airbag light on this Lamborghini Gallardo which it was helpful to do this in a few minutes. I also got to use it on BMW and Mercedes which is easy to switch between the softwares with the menu. Very helpful and genuine kit.


17. This package is well priced for the functions it offers. We run a high end car dealership here in London which mainly sells Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maserati. This kit would cover all of these cars and it absolutely did. Very pleased with the customer service and help when looking for a suitable kit.


18. The reset tool works very well indeed. So far I have used this on a Mercedes E Class W212 for the airbag light, a BMW 3 Series F30 (also airbag light) a Ford Mondeo for ABS/traction faults and a Porsche 911 991 to diagnose an emission system fault. Very easy and quick to use and the carry case is sturdy and well made. Thanks.


19.A handy one box solution. Feature rich and a comprehensive car manufacturer library. Would be nice to be able to print via Bluetooth/WiFi instead of having to remove the sd card and use the foxwell desktop tool but while you are at the you can update, add or remove manufacturers and raise support tickets. Overall it’s a good prosumer tool that could benefit from adaption options that feature in their flagship range being added, ie key coding, egr deletion etc to round this tool off.

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The Foxwell NT644 scanner is a powerful and accurate diagnostic scan tool suitable for professional technicians and mechanics. It is sold at a slightly higher price but the features it offers are worth every penny. The NT644 code reader is lightweight, compact, sturdy. It has a wider compatibility and covers all the OBD2 protocols. This makes it be an excellent scanner for individuals looking for a reliable and accurate car diagnostic scanner.


Foxwell is a wonderful brand and it is known for its outstanding scan tools. But when choosing a scanner, ensure that you check and see if it has the features that you desire. Some scanners may not be able to carry out some functions on some car makes or models.