Obdstar X300 Pro 3 Review: Valuable, Good with Asian Models (Nissan, Toyota G/H chip)

Obdstar X300 Pro3, Good economy key programmer. Asian models are pretty good but you need to know what you’re doing to use it. . . i.e . how to convert BCM serial no to pin code on Nissan and which ones are 4 digit pin vs. 20 digit pin. It’s not in the manual. Pretty much nothing of value is in the manual except how to plug in and update it.

It’s a game of “where’s waldo” when trying to figure out what model in another market will work to program a particular car (that isn’t an Asian model, i.e. USA Fords). I started a spreadsheet to document what works and what doesn’t. No, I won’t send it to you. . . join some forums and figure it out yourself or pay thousands of dollars for something better like a T-Code that comes with support and a proper manual.

The tool is well made and does a TON of stuff for the money. I bought it exclusively to program G and H chip Toyota and it works perfectly for that.

There’s zero documentation with the eeprom adapter so I haven’t used any of that. Odometer correction is also fairly limited. If you’re expecting a one-tool solution for key programming, this isn’t it but it’s def. worth the price.

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Look here: my Obdstar key master working for Toyota H and G chip

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota H chip: success!

Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota G chip: success!


In detail..


Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota H chip:

Car: Toyota Altis Esport

Key type: chip H (47)


obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-1 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-2 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-3 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-4 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-5 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-6 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-7 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-8 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-9 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-10 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-11 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-12 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-13 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-14 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-15 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-16 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-17 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-18 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-19 obdstar-key-master-H-chip-remote-20

source: http://www.key-programmer.org/2016/12/29/obdstar-x300-pro3-program-toyota-h-chip-remote-key/


Obdstar x300 pro 3 and Toyota G chip:

Model: Toyota Hilux Vigo 2010

Key type: G chip (72)


obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-1 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-2 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-3 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-4 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-5 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-6 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-7 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-8 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-9 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-10 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-11 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-12 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-13 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-14 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-15 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-16 obdstar-key-master-toyota-G-chip-17

Source: http://blog.obdii365.com/2016/12/27/obdstar-x300-pro3-reset-g-chip-immo-on-toyota-hilux/