Subaru SSM4 Driver Download FREE for Nexiq2 Original

Here’s the modified dll file for Nexiq2. It’s already been renamed so leave the name unchanged. You copy it and overwrite the original file in :


Windows x86 : C:/Program Files/DST-i/Drivers/
Windows x64 : C:/Program Files(X86)/DST-i/Drivers/

After that, Nexiq2 will show up in the list of multiplexers-make sure you choose Nexiq Usb Link 2 USB and the pass-thru option anytime SSM4 asks you. I highly recommend you ONLY use the USB option and avoid Bluetooth and WIFI , especially when flashing.




(Credit to malandro)



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Nexiq SSM4 images:






This is for your information.


Nexiq2 the original ones have chips in the cables. It will only work with the original cables. The Nexiq2 clone is in fact a nexiq1 inside in a case that looks like Nexiq2. Nexiq1 cables will not work with Nexiq2. The Chinese nexiq cables will not work with the original Nexiq2. Also if you update a nexiq clone over the internet it will fry it and render it useless



Very important:

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Think twice before you decide to download app and go to a test!


If you have a Nexiq 2 clone, you’re advised not to do so.

Nexiq 2 clone is tested with software comes with itself.

Look here: sw tested successfully with the cloned unit

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Good Luck !