Download GDS2 v19.0.04100 with GDS2Java v14.0.00000 for GM MDI

Free download GDS2 v19.0.04100 version with GDS2Java v14.0.00000 copied from original GM MDI software installation:!tCZV3aSa!tKHq4JIDlL3kgLgmPeL2WIL8xO7W2qWhrPu0mCo1GxU


If you want download Deliverable GM Global & Opel-Vauxhall 2017.11 packages you can see this link:


How To install?
How To use deliverable packages?

  1. install GDS2Install then install GDS2JavaInstall
    4. Put the zip file called deliverable_OpelVauxhall v2017.5.0 into the below folder:
    C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads\DataBackups
    5. Open GDS2 and click ManageDiagnostics Packages
    6. click on browes
    7.then go to C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads\DataBackups
    8.then click on deliverable_OpelVauxhall v2017.11.0 click on open
    9 gds2 will restart


Test successfully?

Good job here see the photo …. the only problem I have with that is javom- problem with MDI interfae when I install the version of MDI - after the restart VmWare application that passthru MDI is not ready. When connecting Bosch Kts Pasthru then is ok, Abritus Audio Passthru and that’s ok. MDI-Passthru is not ok not see it.





Note: this be installed with global tis v32 but gds2 packed 2011 year establishes


For tech2win you can try with an other emulator.exe found on this forum
Because emulator tech2win on this vmware don’t propose To choose interface.


If you want to use GDS2 on GM MDI with relief, you’d better get a tested version:






It’s confirmed to work with MDI interface without any issue!