Possible to install Ford IDS on Windows 10?

Question: Possible to install IDS software on Windows 10? If so, how to install?



Ford IDS and Windows 7: 100% Possibility, 32 or 64 bit.

Ford IDS and Windows 10: Need luck

It’s possible to install Ford IDS on Windows 10, if you’re equipped with knowledge and have good luck.


Here is user experience of IDS Ford on Windows 10.


Review 1: IDS on Windows 10 – holding off

I had it working fine on my old works windows 7 machine but had to give that one back, Got it on my own family w7 one too and no probs, and now got another w7 one for doing my own work stuff and looking to upgrade to w10 but holding off just now.


Review 2: IDS not on Windows 10

My suggestion is to not upgrade to Windows 10. It sucks!!


Review 3: IDS on Surface Pro with Windows 10

I’ve got w10 on my surface pro and it is better than w8 because the tiles and desktop seem to be more melded together and it appears to reunite the older admin info so seems easier to navigate round.
Ids doesn’t require an all bells and whistles laptop to work but if you are using 1 machine for lots of other things then you can always give it a try, maybe it would be good to have a new thread for installing the latest ‘best’ ids install and w10?
My w10 ids install was halted by the hardware being insufficient on my Acer


Review 4: IDS on Panasonic toughbook i5 with Windows 10

My IDS is still working fine on windows 10,
IDS was installed on the panasonic toughbook i5 with windows 7
then the laptop got the upgrade to windows 10 with no reported problems,
this laptop is full of my everyday crap and i never turn off the security when i connect to van.
maybe ive just been lucky as i dont know to much about computers,
all the bosch stuff is there and calibrations .
i accidentaly updated to the v94 once from ford then system restord the laptop to previous setting
and it ran saying it was v94 with no problems with licence or anthing


Review 5: IDS V97 on Windows 10

I have IDS V97.01 working with W10 Pro 64bit


Review 6: IDS 86 updated to Windows 10

I’m still on v86 i just updated to w10 and all my stuff from w7 was there still so i never installed anything, i did upgrade the  Ford vcm 2 via vci manager tho but since then it is giving me the usb bongs to say it isn’t connected but I’ll look into that.
I believe that if you install v9x and go over the 3 days then you need to wipe the laptop and start again, that’s if you don’t install the freeze program that is which makes sense, but until i get a custom or mk8 i think it is pointless tbh:-(
I’m going to install v97 on another laptop and have a look at it.


Review 7: IDS V86 on Windows 10

I have v86.04 still on my w10 (kept files) just need to test it on the van, if there’s no good way of having v97 on then i’ll have to think seriously if i’m ready to update it


Review 8: Windows 10 not as dramatic as XP and Win 7

If V86.## is as far as you can patch then ill stick there till forced through necessity to install later version on a stand alone machine.

But by the sounds of things the leap to w10 is not as dramatic as from xp to w7. So might just see how it goes some time soon.


Review 9: Need media creation tool

Just download media creation tool for 32 or 64 bit os and install now, that’ll initiate w10 install that can take hours to do but keeps your laptop the same way it was before but with w10.
you might have to update or rollback some of your drivers depending on laptop, on the dell I just updated the graphics driver and done


Review 10: Need VMware
I would like a permanent licence solution for v97 tho and if earlier versions are to go by, you need VMware because running from your laptop direct will stop the rollback I think


Good to know: How to migrate an Ford IDS System to Windows 10

Windows 10 migration on a PC that has IDS installed requires preliminary steps to ensure successful operation. Migrating to Windows 10 without following the procedure below may result in connection concerns with your VCM or VCM II to IDS, IDS license concerns, or an inability to properly install/uninstall IDS on your PC.

You may want to consider remaining on your current Operating System or having an IT professional perform the Windows 10 update.


1. Begin by uninstalling IDS. Click on the Windows Icon > Ford Motor Company > IDS > Uninstall IDS, as shown


2. Next, select the “Remove” option on the screen


3. When prompted, select “Return License”


4. Next, uninstall the Bosch Software. Click on the Windows Icon > Control Panel > Programs and Features


5. Select the Bosch VCI Software, and then click on “Uninstall”


6. Once the Bosch VCI Software has been successfully uninstalled, reboot your PC


After you have completed the above steps, your system is ready to migrate to Windows 10. Go to the following URL for Microsoft’s Windows 10 update instructions: