2018 vs. 2016 vs. 2014 SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

Look at the chart below to compare new and old SEC-E9 key cutting machines, incl. Generation 1 made in year 2014, Generation 2 made in year 2016, Generation 3 made in year 2018.

SEC-E9 key cutting machine 2014 vs 2016 vs 2018

SEC-E9 key cutting machine  2014 2016 2018
Image 2014-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-i-1


2016-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-ii-1 2018-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-iii-1
Version Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Display 2014-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-i-2 2016-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-ii-2 2018-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-iii-2
Embedded 7-inch  resistive touch screen Embedded 8-inch capacitive tablet Removable 8.3-inch capacitive tablet (with 2 USB ports)
Update method 2014-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-i-3 2016-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-ii-3 2018-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-iii-3
XY axis 2014-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-i-4 2016-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-ii-4 2018-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-iii-4
Marbles + polished rod Cross roller Cross roller
Z axis 2014-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-i-5 2016-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-ii-5 2018-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-iii-5
Screw drive Ball screw Ball screw (annular hold main axis )
PCB 2014-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-i-6 2016-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-ii-6 2018-sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-generation-iii-6
Separate as 6 boards (3 driven boards, 1 main board, i usb board and 1 terminal board) Update to 4 boards only (combine the main board, usb board and terminal board as 1 board) Update to 1 board (combine all small boards as 1 board)


SEC-E9 key cutting machines 2014 vs 2016 vs 2018:

The key cutting machine become more and more user-friendly, convenient and stable when running for use.

The 2018 has a 8.3-inch removable tablet with USB ports.



Software can be updated via WIFI and USB.


Also, the storage gets larger and the machine has a quick response.


What’s new in 2018 NEW SEC-E9 key cutter?


It’s able to cut

1) 99% car keys
Such as BMW, VW (including latest HU162T), Kia (including Optima 2016-2018), Land Rover, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Honda, Opel, etc.

2) Motorcycle keys
Such as Harley Davidson, Ducati,Yamaha , BW9 ,Honda Cycle, Yamaha, etc.

3) Residential keys
Such as Schlage, Kwitset, etc. It is was popular in US market .


Note: key support includes Single sided keys, Dimple keys, Tubular keys