Read VAG EDC17CP44: Kess? Ktag? MPPS? Fgtech?

Possible to read/write VAG ECU EDC17CP44 via OBD? And which tool can do it?

Here you go.


EDC17CP44 details:


BSL130 no
BSL131 yes
BSL132 yes
BSL-ADP required


ECU pins:

Use Plug – Pin
12V T91 – Pin 5
Ign T91 – Pin 50
Gnd T91 – Pin 1
Can+ T91 – Pin 79
Can- T91 – Pin 80
S1 T105 – Pin 18
S2 T105 – Pin 21





Vehicles with ECU EDC17CP44:

·         Touareg 2013 – 2015

·         Q7 – 2013 – 2015

EDC17CP44 236hp
·         Toureg 2009 – 2012

·         Q7 2009 – 2012

EDC17CP44 221hp
·         A6 Quattro 2015

·         Q5 2014 – 2015+

EDC17CP44 236hp


Kess V2 OBD writes edc17cp44: Success!

Car & ECU: EDC17CP44 Q7 / Touareg via OBD

Review: i have done edc17cp44 obd many times with kess

it is a virtual read need to have alientech databank access.

Btw, ktag readout also can be written with kess but have not tried it yet


Ktag reads edc17cp44: Success!

Car & ECU: Audi year 2011 edc17cp44

Review: I can read an Audi year 2011 edc17cp44 with ktag 6.070


FgTech eu clone reads edc17cp44: Success!

Car & ECU: VW Touareg 3.0tdi ecu edc17cp44

Review: I have been able to read it with fgtech euro clone in bootmode


MPPS cable OBD reads edc17cp44: Failed!

Car & ECU: Touareg II 4.2TDI edc17cp44

Review: I have done both ecu master and ecu slave boot read, than unlocked read files and flashed them back in boot mode.

When i do TPROT check it states that ecu is unlocked.

But when try OBD read, MPPS is reading ECU and when it comes to 100% i get message “This file is corrupt. Please make a boot read”




it’s safer to do all boot mode

Please have full backups in case anything goes wrong.


Ktag/Kess Help File:

VAG BOSCH EDC17CP44 wiring