Lonsdor K518ISE Review: Pull Pin Code & OBD Program Keys – Great!

Today I received the tool Lonsdor K518ISE (mainly because of CAS OBD functions… As till this day, there were many positive opinions) and I hope it will not make surprises like that, especially in 1st use… If I get BMW CAS I will report results

I ordered it as add-on to my existing tools to use it on different brands but the positive feedback about BMW made me especially very pleased. I always did them by removing CAS unit and soldering then, so I thought Lonsdor will be a good add on to work by OBD with less hassle.


Edit to update:


Tested! Enjoy it. It is really a great tool. Most of the times it does the job. It is not good at Jeep/Chrysler from 2001 – 2006 to pull the pin code. It also have limited Dodge to program keys. I tried to program a key for 2015 Dodge Ram, and it didn’t work at all. Forget about the Mercedes. For the rest is very very good, works perfect, like Nissan, Infinity, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Lincoln, etc.

Look here: some cars on Lonsdor with a good success


Peugeot 407 sw 2008: read pin code OK and programming key OK

Jeep Cherokee: pull 5 pin and program key OK

KIA / Hyundai NEW: pin code pull and program, some cars

Ford 2017 Prox: OK

FIAT: pull pin and program, some cars

2017 Mazda Prox: OK

FASTEST Chrysler: pull pin and program machine OK

Toyota hilux: reset immo G …  OK

Nissan: 20 digit pincode 8A key OK

Mazda 2: program key no need incode OK

Fiat strada dashboard 24c16: OK, need id48 precharger

Ford ecosport prox: OK

Mitsubishi l200 2014: 1 sec. OK

USA – Today Prius C: G chip all key lost OK

Ford Focus 2012: all keys lost, add key 1 OK

2018 Kia Forte remote: OK, all under one minute  … didn’t even have ignition on

RAV4 2016: add smart key (using type3) successfully

old Ford 2000-2009: do the 10 minutes bypass OK

Chevrolet Cruze: remote all keys lost by OBD…OK
Mini Cooper: CAS3+ Remote smart key by OBD…OK
VW Polo 2009: 4th IMMO NEC+ 24C32 remote key OK
Ford Ranger 2016: add remote key OK
Isuzu D-Max: add a remote OK
Ford Everest 2016: program remote key OK
Suzuki: Jimny 65 chip key OK
Ford Kuga 2013: smart key without Pin Code OK
Lexus: 74 chip smart key All Keys Lost by OBD…OK
Infiniti Q50 2014: smart key add OK
Volvo C30 2011: semi-smart key OK
Chevrolet Epica pre-2012: All Key Lost
Hyundai/Kida: pull ID46 smart key pincode by OBD OK
LandRover Evoque 2013: smart key programming OK
LandRover Discovery 4 2014: 5-button smart key programming OK
Porsche Macan Turbo: smart key program OK
Range Rover 2008-2015: program smart key by OBD OK
Volvo XC60: smart key(Self Keyless/Full Keyless) OK
Renault Koleos 2011: add a smart key OK
Lexus ES200: OBD add a new smart key when all keys are lost, with emulator…OK
Volvo V60: smart key OK
Maserati Ghibli 2017: add new key OK
Mazda CX-5 2016: add new smart keys when all keys lost OK
Volkswagen Phaeton (2009): key programming OK
Volvo XC60: smart key programming OK
Volvo V40: smart key programming OK
Bentley Mulsanne 12: program a smart key OK
Isuzu D-Max 4×4 add a remote key OK
Audi Q7: add key ok
Lamborghini LP560: remote programming OK

Jeep Cherokess: read pin and obd program smart key OK
Hyundai i10: 47 read pin code and obd program smart key OK
Peugeot 408 BSI: read pin code and OBD program new keys (all keys lost) OK

I did program some BMW successfully before I updated the latest update which includes Chip Reading, Generation, Remote Tester. So now i think that I failed to program the key for this BMW X5 because of the update….maybe.


I really like this tool 😀