How to Update SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Database to V15.12?

SEC-E9 laser automatic key cutting machine (Tablet Version USB Connection) database updated to V15.12. (05/03/2018)


Software version:  V14.0.7

Database version: V15.12


New update:

This upgrade is mainly for Volkswagen Golf7, Magotan 2018, Lavida 2018, Phaeton etc. also for Audi 2018 new models, need to work with HU162T clamp and 1.9mm cutter.


The upgrade only for SEC-E9 Generation II and III. If your machine is Generation I, you will have to upgrade the touch screen to tablet to achieve this key data.


How to cut HU162T key with SEC-E9?


How to Update SEC-E9 key cutting machine database?

—For Tablet Version USB Connection

New customers need to  register to Hunan kukai’s membership system first.

Old customers please login the membership system.


How to upgrade:


Login to membership system.


Check upgrade information and latest database available


Download database to your computer


Unzip database


Insert USB disk with database to SEC-E9 key cutting machine


Go to Device setup->Upgrade


Wait until upgrade is finished.



How to upgrade SEC-E9 key cutting machine?

—for Tablet PC Bluetooth Version

1. Click ”Setup”


2. Click”Wifi”


3. Connect Wifi

4. Press ”UpdateCheck” after the wifi is connected successfully.

( Please notice that you just need to click the ”UpdateCheck” once, no need to click it repeatedly)


5. Click ”Upgrade” button


6. After upgrading successfully, the tablet PC will automatically jump to the main page.



1. Please keep the Wifi conncted when upgrade

2. Please keep the network smooth

3. Please do not turn off tablet PC when upgrading

4. Please do not operate the tablet PC when downloading the upgrade files.

5. Please disconnect Wifi after upgrade is done. ( otherwise the system will generate garbage when tablet PC updates automatically . Also cause the system to run slowly.)


SEDC-E9 Laser Key Cutting Machine Database Update to V15.12