Xprog UPA Mercedes W203 mask 4J74Y Pinout

This is pinout of EZS 203 545 01 08, using ECU programmers Xprog or UPA USB programmer.
Mercedes W203 mask 4j74y


I usually use rosfar pinouts transfer pindata to Xprog. UPA read only first mcu..for second need security bites
4J74Y W203


W203 1J35D R270 BDM programmer


W203 1J35D (xJ74Y)


EIS W203 1J35D pinout Xprog-M




Yes, you can have luck to read w204 eis with Xprog and erase the flash. But many talk about their failure with W203 mask 4j74y and Xprog, coz there are many versions of Xprog box programmer clone – quality differs and depends. Have a HQ clone then go for 4j74y. therwise, you would have reading error and hear beep beep.

Site of HQ Xprog


So, Xprog is not so good with HC908. Some never got Xprog to work with HC908 in circuit. They tried and had no success to read this mask at with XPROG, usually they went with R270 programmer to read it finally – R270 without a problem (I think the new R290 or R280 should have no issues also. And R290 is better for future use.)


In sum, for 4J74Y W203, the best is ETL/R270 progrmmer, then Xprog m.