BMW E-sys ENET enables Internet on F10 iDrive

On the BMW F10, it is possible to code Internet / BMW Live with 6VC Combox and 609 Nav by disabling BMW Assist and using a fake VIN with factory 614 Internet written to Combox, and then updating BMW Services.



I detailed that process here:

Change your VO as follows:

– 612 (or 633 or 639 if present)
+ 644
+ 614 (Required but already present)
+ 615
+ 6AL
+ 6AB



Use modified VO with VIN that has factory options 614 and 615 as explained below:


it is very simple to write a VIN to the Combox in E-Sys coding software

Spend time in Tool32, CMEDIA.prg and E-Sys trying to figure it out.

First you must code CMB_MEDIA / TELEMATIK_VIN = Coding VIN using your real FA VIN. Then, open your FA up in the FA-Editor, change the VIN, Caluclate FP just to make sure there are no problems with it, and then save the FA with a new name, i.e. FA_VIN_FAKE. Lastly, go to the coding module, and under Vehicle Order load your new FA_VIN_FAKE, activate FA, and then FDL code CMB_MEDIA. Lastly, read CMB_MEDIA coding data, and verify the new VIN in brackets. In the attached picture, you can see my Combox and Head Unit are showing two different VIN’s.

Afterwards, either shut down E-Sys, or load your original FA back and activate it before coding anything else. DO NOT code anything else with this FA, and DO NOT write this FA to the car.

For Internet and BMW Live to work, you need a VIN with factory options 614 and 615.


*** Use only to FDL Code CMB_MEDIA; DO NOT write this FA to the Car

1) Enable Data Transfer Option Under Phone
2) Enable Bluetooth Data Tethering on Phone
3) Under Connected drive; Update services (should show BMW Live and Internet services)
4) Go to BMW Live and Internet and make sure it it working

After it is working:
Use original VO with car VIN:

Read CMB_MEDIA and verify Short VIN in brackets [xxxxxxx] is car VIN.

DO NOT update services again or you will loose BMW Live and Internet.

*** If you do not return the Combox VIN to car VIN, you will encounter problems with future dealer programming, as the Combox will not be recognized, and programming will hault.



All done with a BMW ENET cable with Esys. $11 did all.