Free Download and Use BMWAiCoder V4.6 Software

BMW E-Sys F-series coding software is the most widely known BMW car coding program. Instead of providing powerful functionality, you have to install the Launcher for the token and install psdzdata. Also, there is an initial entry barriers because it is not easy to learn how to use and become proficient.

BMWAiCoder is a program that makes this entry barriers lower and easier to code. Just install BMWAiCoder and you can start using it in English, but each button has a number so you can easily code it by following the steps. However, it has a disadvantage in that it is limited in functionality and less stable than E-Sys. In addition, since the 4.6 version is no longer being updated and the author does not seem to be willing to update, it is better to use it to fix some coordinates quickly and easily, rather than using it as a full-blown coding tool.



BMWAicoder v4.6 download




If you unzip it, you can use it immediately and there is no installation process.

Depending on the vaccine, the executable program may be recognized as malicious code. In this case, please allow it. If you are worried, please delete it. (You are at your risk. Credit to Mr. jihunx)


How to use

Connect the vehicle and the laptop with a BMW ENET coding cable and turn on the vehicle.

Run BMWAiCoder.exe from the extracted folder .

When you run the program, the first firewall access pop-up may appear. Please select Accept.


After running the program, the download keywords window will open automatically. The process of downloading additional items to be coded on the Internet. Since it will be used in English,  Select English language and press Download button.


Do not worry if you have not seen this screen for the first time or if you accidentally hand it over. You can download again at any time by pressing Custom Menu.



The coding process is easy to explain. You’ll see a button with a number, you can complete the coding by following  buttons in order. Of course, with understanding of the coding and basic coding concepts.

Press 1. DetectCar and press 2. Connect to connect to the vehicle.


Press 3. Get ECUs List to bring up the entire module list.


From the list of ECUs, select the module you want to code.


Press Read Button to call up a list of coded coordinates that can be made in the module [1].

After changing the value of the desired item, press the [2] 5.Write button to raise the modified value to the vehicle [3].


If you want to cancel the modification and return to the original value, click the Restore button.