BMW G30 ECU Flash and Coding Tutorial

What for & How to flash/code BMW G30 ECU:

Part 1: What tool is used for G30 flash or coding?

Part 2: How to do BMW G30 ECU coding/flashing?

Part 3: What G30 systems can be flashed/coding?

Part 4: How do people think of BMW G30 ECU coding?


In details…


Part 1: What tool is used for G30 flash or coding?


Advice and Options:



BMW ENET cable would probably be better for you.



I flashed NBT EVOs with old ICOM A2 without problems.



Flashed all Cars with Icom Next and Online Aos with DHCP over Router. Since that i have Never any Problems with NBT or other. Flash E/F/G with this Setup.

Note that Online Aos is the online version of the BMW software for Diagnostic, Programming any many other things.



To answer your question
1st : you doesn’t need iCOM NEXT to flash the G series…but It actually Lot better & save up your times because iCOM NEXT has build in Gigabit connection.
2nd : old iCOM working find. It just take a lot longer.



Icom best any type , router I noticed w my setup I use desktop w 2 lan port and on a few f cars it actually faster then oem it programs up to 8 module same time w gigabit switch , and handle data lots faster than etnet cable and for certain modules the router is a must will crash hu high in kombi in a few others



Any icom will work , but to be safe with f,g,i series vehicles , use a dedicated router as kafas huh and a few other modules will crash if you do not use a router it handles the switches for Ethernet as those modules use more than 1 path way , in short it uses all 4 two pair wires and without router not good , this has worked for me for some time now good luck. note my router does not connect to wan



In summary, BMW ICOM Next is the best option for G series, working better and faster than old BMW ICOM cables. It handles multiprogramming and coding quite nicely. Gets the job done much faster if flashing the complete vehicle. Also, another benefit to Next will be compatibility for future cars.



Part 2: How to do BMW G30 ECU coding/flashing?


BMW G30 has a quite a lot of differences in ECU, so wanted to share my findings here.



– This is Not a comprehensive list of options But options that are unique from options standard across the recent models.

– Read SVT does Not work, use Read ECU instead.

– Ensure vehicle engine is running before you press Read ECU button otherwise you won’t get the full list of ECUs.


ECU: SAS [Driver Assistance Systems]


ACC Default Distance: C_Abstandsstufe_init -> Set to 2


Blind Spot Detection: Note that G30 has a multiple Blind Spot Detection Modules, and you need to set Speed setting for each. For each radar module there is a separate KMH and MPH Setting so 6 in all.



C_LCA_SWW_Vmin_KMH – set to 55km/h

C_LCA_SWW_Vmin_MPH – set to Option 0 (Werte 22)


ECU: HU_NBT [Head Unit]


G30 has a hardware limitation and max Video-In-Motion you can get via E-sys is 63 km/h (around 39 mph). After following standard VIM coding, Ensure that






ECU: DKOMBI [Instrument Cluster]




ECU: IHKA [Climate Control] – Not Tested


This encoding value determines whether the previous settings (Last Function) should be used when switching from the Auto mode to Manual mode, in manual mode, or whether the settings from “Auto” should be used when changing from the car to the manual mode.



Default: AKTIV (Active) = 01



HO coding in order to be able to manipulate front-end adjustment of the ventilation (if necessary, in the case of special large-scale customer requests)


3003 -> VERTRIMMUNG_BEL_FRONT (Front Face)

keine = 00



keine = 00



keine = 00 (No)

kaelter = 01 (Colder)

waermer = 02 (Warmer)



ECU: BDC_Body -> 1DF7 – Comfort Access Settings


3514 PMaster Has Comfort Access Related Settings



ECU: ACSM – Safety Related Settings


Settings for SeatBelt Reminders and such



Part 3: What G30 systems can be flashed/coding?


Here list G30 driver assistant systems:




Part 4: How do people think of BMW G30 ECU coding?



Coding a G30 is an easy thing. A little bit different to F1x due to other ECUs, bot nothing more. Do delete the start/stopp and DVDinMotion (>63 km/h) is a little bit tricky, that’s all.



G030 shares same architecture as G012 and most closely follows F015.

Stateside, ASS is set to memory from factory. For EU vehicles, the same tricks can be used; but most never look in the key module.

DVDinMotion > 63 kph & Manual in Motion as well as NGHB are a few that have not been able to unlock yet.

Otherwise, I have over 200 FDL’s changes programmed into Launcher Cheat Codes.



For ECE cars the MSA is not set to memory. FDL-code the BDC with MSA set to memory will not have any effect – the same when you code it with OMSA.

BMW stopped the memory setting for the MSA – greetings to VW.

The way to switch it off is now different from the old cars.