CGDI Prog BMW and Mercedes Key Programmer Test Report & Video

CGDI Prog MB Mercedes and CGDI Prog BMW are two different tools from the company whom manufactured CG100 airbag reset tool.   How they works? See the test reports with photos and videos.



CGDI Prog MB Mercedes




CGDI BMW Prog Program BMW CAS3 keys

CGDI Prog read BMW CAS3 ISN by OBD

CGDI Prog BMW read MSD85 80 Ecu engine ISN code by OBD

CGDI Prog BMW Program BMW F30 F31 FEM Key

CGDI Prog BMW program FEM BMW F30 328 2013

CGDI Prog Mini cooper R56 cas3+ all key lost

CGDI Prog BMW program X6 BDC key via OBD

CGDI BMW program 5 series CAS4+ key success

cgdi-bmw-5-series-cas4-1 cgdi-bmw-5-series-cas4-2 cgdi-bmw-5-series-cas4-3 cgdi-bmw-5-series-cas4-4

BMW 325 key added done. Pls update CGDI BMW to latest version if you need to do CAS 9389115  version



How to read MSV80 by CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmer

CGDI BMW adds BMW X3 spare key by OBD success

cgdi-bmw-x3-1 cgdi-bmw-x3-2 cgdi-bmw-x3-3 cgdi-bmw-x3-4

CGDI Program BMW M4 FEM smart key success

cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-1 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-2 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-3 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-4 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-5 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-6 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-7 cgdi-bmw-m4-fem-8

CGDI Prog BMW add key to a 2016 BMW X5 successfully


CGDI Prog BMW program key to 2016 BMW 5-Series 


CGDI Prog BMW program key to BMW 523Li

CGDI-PROG-BMW-5-series-1 CGDI-PROG-BMW-5-series-2 CGDI-PROG-BMW-5-series-3 CGDI-PROG-BMW-5-series-4 CGDI-PROG-BMW-5-series-5 CGDI-PROG-BMW-5-series-6

CGDI Prog BMW FEM all key lost: Done!

CGDI-PROG-BMW-FEM-all-key-lost-1 CGDI-PROG-BMW-FEM-all-key-lost-2 CGDI-PROG-BMW-FEM-all-key-lost-3 CGDI-PROG-BMW-FEM-all-key-lost-4

In conclusion,

1). CGDI PROG BMW is able to add new keys to BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+, CAS4/CAS4+ ,FEM/BDC and program keys/all keys lost,

CAS computer replace,

CAS3+/P4X or newer version can directly downgraded by OBD in 5 minutes 100% safety.

2). support BMW key inspection, check key status

3). support BMW engine computer DME replacement.

4).  support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 series OBD read ISN code (no need to spilt computer when matching key)

5).  support BMW key unlock.



CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Key Programmer


CGDI Prog MB program key to Benz C260: Success

CGDI-Prog-MB-program-key-to--Benz-C260-1 CGDI-Prog-MB-program-key-to--Benz-C260-2 CGDI-Prog-MB-program-key-to--Benz-C260-3

CGDI MB Prog Mercedes S350 4Matic add key success

cgdi-mb-350-2 cgdi-mb-350-3 cgdi-mb-350-4

CGDI Prog MB do W166 W211 A166 all key lost

CGDI Prog MB program W221 key: (as good as VVDI MB Tool)

Mercedes E206  2011 year key added done by CGDI MB, fast done

cgdi-mb-e206-1 cgdi-mb-e206-2 cgdi-mb-e206-3 cgdi-mb-e206-4

CGDI Prog MB Program W212 EL200 all key lost FBS3: Done!

CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-1 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-2 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-3 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-4 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-5 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-6 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-7 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-8 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-9 CGDI-Prog-MB-W212-all-key-lost-FBS3-10

Added SLK200 key by CGDI MB !super fast !

cgdi-mb-slk-1 cgdi-mb-slk-2 cgdi-mb-slk-3 cgdi-mb-slk-4

CGDI Prog MB W204 read EZS and program all keys lost

CGDI Prog MB Read Write Erase W220 BE Key

CGDI Prog MB Read EZS & Calculate Password W220 2006

CGDI MB Prog add Mercedes w221 2010 Facelift S600 Key

CGDI MB E250 2010 e250 petrol read ezs by obd calculate keys online read original key

In summary,

1). CGDI PROG MB can add a key to Mercedes-Benz faster than other VVDI MB key programmer:

data acquisition/collection time: 1’50s

password calculation time: 40s

99% success get password for one time calculator

it is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.
2). program a new key when MB lost all keys:

support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216

3). Free 2 tokens to calculate the password each day within 6 months

4). work as good as VVDI MB TOOL, but have a better price.