Free Download Toyota Techstream v11.00.017 Works 100%

Toyota TIS Techstream 11.00.017 diagnosis and programming software has been tested and verified 100% working with VXDIAG diagnostic tools by technician.


VXDIAG Toyota Techstream v11.00.017 software free download:

Toyota Techstream 11.00.017.exe

VX Manager!K8UlzQiS!Zy0TlWv_w4ZU_Pp3YX8SSVljAR-Sz4zq6pUVXrjLhJA

Software requires activation. Please provide the software ID to our customer service to activate.


Software features:


Tested OK by professional!

1000000% works with VXDIAG toyota!


Compatible with:

Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota (support WIFI)

Vxdiag multi diagnostic tool for Toyota, Honda, LandRover & Jaguar

(We have not tested this software with Mini VCI cables. You can try it yourself.)


Languages available: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, ect.

OS Required: Windows XP, Windows 7 32Bit


How to install Techstream for VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota:

Install Techstream software

Install VX Manager

Install software for “USB Serial Converter”

Install software for “USB Serial Port”

Install VCX Driver, Toyota TIS

Run Teachstream


* How-to guides from




Teschstream used for:

OBDII diagnosis

Key programming

ECU programming

Personal customization


Cars can be tested incl.:

Toyota, Lexus (up to the 2015 year)

12V and 24V communication

heavy truck and diesel models



Case: How to use Toyota Techstream v11 with vxdiag nano toyota

Connect VXDIAG NANO toyota to LX570 and the laptop

Run Techstream v11.00.019 interface


Connect to vehicle

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (7)

Finish vehicle information and click Next to go on

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (8)

Select Smart Access

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (9)

Click Utility on the left column

Then Smart code reset

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (10)

Tick on I understand and confirm the drivers door open, then Next

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (11)

Input VIN, then Next

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (12)

Input Pass-Code number, then Next

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (13)

Smart code reset failed, and try again

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (14)

Back to the interface of “Welcome to the Smart Code Reset utility”

Again, tick on I understand and confirm the drivers door open to continue

Again, input VIN, then Next

Go to Techstream ImmoReset PassCode Calculator

Select versions and input VIN

Then click Get Pass-Code

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (2)

Copy the Seed number to Techstream ImmoReset PassCode Calculator

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (3)

Then click Generate to get Pass Code

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (4)

Copy the Pass Code to Pass-Code Number, then Next

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (5)

It will take 16 minutes for the reset to complete

Techstream-v11.00.017-immo-reset- (6)

Smart code reset by Techstream v11 SUCCESS.


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