Xprog-m v5.55 read Vauxhall Meriva Motorola MC68HC08AZ32

I have successfully read Motorola MC68HC08AZ32 chip data by using Xprog-M v5.55 ecu programmer. Pinouts and operations are attached below.



Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 (z17dth)
Part number:


Why i need ECU programmer?

Meriva 1.7 has engine failure. I have fixed the engine and its running normal now.
I have the airbag light in the dash.
Two airbags has deployed, so that’s why I have mounted resistors to trick the ecu, BUT!
This ecu can only be used one time.


And Xprog-m is the most populous in my post for ecu programmer suggestion.


How to connect Xprog to the chip MC68HC08AZ32A?



Mask sets: 0J66D

Oscillator: 58, 59 pin

Packages: QFP64

EEPROM: 0x0800 – 0x09FF
How to read Motorola MC68HC08AZ32 with Xprog-M?

I solder the mcu back to the board and added the 8 wires, without desoldering all chip.

and read Motorola MC68HC08AZ32 with Xprog M 5.55 (UPA USB programmer also ok),

then put damp here and get new damp clear, without crash data.

xprog-m-read-MC68HC08AZ32-1.jpg xprog-m-read-MC68HC08AZ32-2 xprog-m-read-MC68HC08AZ32-3