Honda HDS HIM “This Function Blocked” Solved

One of Honda HDS HIM double-board diagnostic scan tool customer had the key code function blocked problem when programming keys for CIVIC 2008. Here is the solution provided.



He tried to program a new key for Civic 2008 year by using Honda Diagnostic System software and HIM interface.  When process to enter pin code, he enter pin code 3 times, then the HDS displayed error message “This function blocked. Get the unlock password distributor in / Genpo (LAC)”




Error cause:

Honda PCM security pin code is required when programming keys. You should enter pin code to access immo. If you eneter the wrong pin code for 3 times, the HDS immo key programming function is blocked.



If your Honda HDS is locked, please send the HDS HIM back to repair. Any questions, free to contact customer service.



If you need to program key by using HDS, better get the Honda IMMO PCM Code Calculator  to get the pin code first.

Honda HDS HIM+Honda IMMO PCM code calculator