User Feedback on VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford and GM

Like some of you I was interested in some Allscanner products, so I went ahead and purchased 2 pieces of VXDIAG VCX NANO scanners.

VXDIAG VCX nano for Ford & Mazda ($99)
VXDIAG VCX nano for GM ($119)

Both without WiFi, i do not need wifi connection.

It’s been over a month now that I have both adapters and had time to play around a bit with them and I must say I’m a bit more positive about the GM unit even if it’s not perfect.

Now you could stop reading here or keep going and find out what’s the problem with these adapters.


When I got these tools I bought from, I was at first impressed by the quality of the packaging. Great quality box, long USB cable (yeah I purchased the usb version). All looked very professional.



Both tools came with software CDs including GDS2, Tech2win, Mazda IDS and Ford IDS. I was pretty happy with it, they all installed flawlessly.

-Tech2win installed on host machine is forever activated (read patched),

-GDS2 works good on the provided VM

-Mazda IDS VM works good

-BUT…. Ford VM need the host machine to be in Bejing time zone in order to work…. that’s a bit frustrating to me as I need to change my time zone in host machine everytime I want to use Ford IDS VM… even more, they installed a time freezing app on this one without installing the vcx nano driver so EVERYTIME you boot this VM , you need to install the vcx nano driver in order to use it… This is the downside.

still 3 out of 4 software running great, I was pleased.

THIRD: VEHICLE DIAGNOSTIC (what really matter)

Tech2WIN & GDS2

The first vehicle I hooked up was a 2004 Chevy cavalier running tech2win. The car was recognized by the software and I was able to read codes, live data, activate special functions. First good impression.

Then I decided to push a little more and I tried reprogramming a 2006 chevy trailblazer using tis2000. All went well.
Then I went back to the 2004 Chevy cavalier and also tried to replace and reprogram the PCM with tis2000. Failed to attempt. GM Tech2 clone does this well.

Since then, I played a bit with tech2win software (since I don’t have many 2013+ GM car on hand to try GDS2) and I must admit 80% of what I tried worked. This leave me a 20% of fail attempt. If you use the tool to play with your personal car that may be fine.

Ford & Mazda IDS

First attempt, connect to a 2005 Ford Five Hundred : good, the car is recognized

Record and play back live data for ABS, PCM…tested ok

Program and Install new ECUs (PCM, ABS)…tested ok

Read and Clear DTCs…tested ok

Program New Keys for Mazda 6…tested ok

Set, adjust or remove speed governors…tested ok

DPF Regeneration…tested ok

Automatic vehicle recognition…tested ok

All other dealer functions…tested ok

Reset steering angle…tested ok

Find guided fault…tested ok

Injector Coding…tested ok


If you want to play around with your personal car, it is very good.
If you need it professionally, i prefer GM Tech II and GM MDI.


If you need to read codes and live data, very cheap and good choice.
If you need do programming, VCM2 works more for me.