Peugeot 508 2013 mileage correction with Digimaster 3

Here is the tutorial on Peugeot 508 2013 odometer correction provided by engineer. Remove dash and adjust mileage are easy jobs, the most difficult part is to disassemble BSI.


First we dismantle the dashboard

peugeot-508-remove-bsi-1 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-2

Then remove BSI box

peugeot-508-remove-bsi-3 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-4 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-5 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-6 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-7

Here’s the dashboard



peugeot-508-remove-bsi-9 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-10 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-11 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-12 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-13

We use YanHua Digimaster 3 odometer correction master to correct the mileage.


Be careful!!! It is very difficult to take apart BSI

peugeot-508-remove-bsi-15 peugeot-508-remove-bsi-16

Find out the 95256 chip on the left up corner. Read it and adjust odometer with digimaster III.

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