Automotive V8/X6 key cutting machine Setup Guide

Automotive V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine is compatible with a variety of key database can will cut large variety of car brands from worldwide. Here is the simple steps to set up/cut keys with the V8/X6 key cutter.

  1. Power up the machine, press MENU


2. Select Cut Option


3. Select Cut Speed and confirm

how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-3 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-4

4. Select Pitch and confirm

how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-5 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-6

5. Select pitch times


6. Select Nose length

how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-8 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-10

7. Select Clamp Touch

how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-11 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-12

Start key cutting.