VXDIAG Mazda IDS V98 work well on Mazda 6

Hooked up VXDIAG VCX NANO Mazda IDS scanner for Mazda 6 for a couple of days… Last week, free downloaded ids 98 on the web and tested it on my Mazda 6 this morning.

Mazda IDS V98 software & driver can be download here.  I installed it on Dell d630 with Windows XP system. With the help of obdii365.com customer service staff, everything went well. Run Mazda_IDS_98.00 to install Mazda ids 98, then go to the folder C_CD>>setup.exe to install Mazda C93, and then install VX Manager. Only 3 steps… It’s easy.


Then connected VXDIAG scanner unit to Mazda 6 and open Mazda IDS on Desktop to begin the test.


Select Dealer type: non-dealer. Country: CHILE. Then go on.

Diagnostic procedure showed as the screenshots.

MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(1) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(4) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(5) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(6) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(7) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(8) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(9) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(10) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(11) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(12) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(13) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(14) MAZDA-IDS-98-Mazda-6-(16)

That’s it.


Worked ok! The only complaint is the connection problem; that is, i used the USB VXDIAG scanner…a bit inconvenient for my usb cable is about 2 meters only that i cannot moved the laptop to … So i strongly suggested anyone to buy wifi diagnostic tool. VXDIAG Ford/Mazda wifi version was released after mine. Bad luck but it’s okay.