MB SD connect C4 Error: File not found, what to do?

I get my MB SD Connect 4 Star diagnostic system worked fine 2 months ago and I connect to the wifi and I can’t open xentry no more. And the Windows Script Host shows Error: File not found.

My DAS is the 2014.09 version.

MB-SD-C4-File-not-found-1 MB-SD-C4-File-not-found MB-SD-C4-File-not-found

And I was told the activation code was lost.

Then I tried to activate the Benz software.

But when I went to open starkey manager, it won’t open and I can’t put the new keys.

With the help of a nice bro on a forum, he told me that my software was broken and need to get a new software 2015.09 for my SD C4 mux.

Finally, my MB SD C4 came to life again.


Star diagnosis SD Connect 4 plus Dell D630