MINI VCI Techstream program Toyota Prius key fob

I am driving a Toyota Pruis III 2010. I have lost my key last month. I have original key in hand and I need to program it. The dealer wants $165 to do so.

After hundreds of tries, spending several hours to force the used key I got at $65 off ebay to be programmed to my car.  I made a little walk through to help those who needed.

Tools needed:
1. Key fob from ebay
2. Toyota Techstream software 10.10.018
3. A compatible cable (I am using a MINI VCI cable)
4. Seed Reset Code/PassCode (Toyota Security Professional Subscriber or ICC Immo Code Calculator Software or VPC100 pin code calculator)
Toyota Techstream mini vci

Well, I had some trouble to obtain the passcode. It’s another story. I cannot afford ICC Immo calculator and there was no owner around my area. So I searched and stumbled upon the VPC-100. I was suggested buying the VPC-100 100 tokens for cheap $29.99. I registered and calculated the Seed Number->Passcode on official website.
VPC-100 toyota seed number

1. Get your FOB that you want to add programmed to start the car, which is the immobilizer ECU part, you can do it by Tecshrteam.
2. From Tecshrteam, select “Smart Key ECU”, select “Utilities” and then chose “Smart Key Reset”, this will erase all smart keys registered to your car and give you the ability to register two used fobs. This step will require the Seed Reset Number. Enter the passcode you got from VPC website. The Operation will take 16 minutes to reset the ECU.
3. After reset the ECU, Select “Register Smart Key” from the Smart Key ECU menu

I then have tested other Pruis year 2007, 2005, both worked.