JLR Mangoose SDD “VIN is not valid” error

JLR Mangoose SDD diagnostic system for Jaguar & Land rover “VIN is not valid” error solution is provided here.


I tried to load JLR mangoose cable with SDD v142 to diagnose a Land rover 2007, but the Mongoose did not read the VIN correctly and even when I input it manually it says that the VIN is not valid (I have checked it many times). And the device keeps stay in initializing status and will not move on. (see error screenshots below)

“Immissione dei VIN
VIN immesso non valido”
JLR Mangoose SDD diagnostic system JLR Mangoose SDD diagnostic system
So what goes? I know the mangoose SDD is 2005+ but I should be in safe zone there. Everything else seems ok.

Possible reason:
If the SDD goes in this step, the magoose cable works and the device is OK, the problem was caused by software.


Try to test other cars, if fail to diagnose any cars, then change another laptop to re-install SDD software as well as the patch.

If still fail to work, then use the older version software V139, install the patch as well.

There is a patch CD in the package, display files as “Shown Hidden Files” you will be able to see hidden file “patch2”, install the pacth2.

JLR Mangoose SDD pro
Video: How to Install V142 JLR mangoose software