BMW Scanner 1.4 vs. INPA K+DCAN cable

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 and INPA K+DCAN cable, which is better?

My vehicle:
BMW X5 E53 3.0L 2002 200K KM North American

Read BMW specific error codes to diagnose ABS, Brake, DSC traffic lights issue that I have right now. Or any other future issue with my car.

My Experience:
Never hook up my car on computer stuff. This is the first time. I am not looking for coding right now.

My current understanding:
My car had K-line interface, I should get a USB cable not serial cable.

My confusion:
Which cable and software should I use? Where can I go for it? I am not willing spent large amount of money on professional devices. I will mess it up.

Cable options I see online
BMW scanner V1.4.0 interface

BMW Scanner V1.4.0

BMW Scanner V1.4.0

Software options I see online
I post my information and intention on forums, these are the answers I got:

Member 1:
PA Soft (BMW Scanner) MUST have a PA Soft interface to work.
The D/K CAN (may) work with BMW software. I say may as I generally avoid crap shoot interfaces for cheap prices.

Member 2:
The BMW Scanner 1.4.0 needs its own cable. It cannot use a generic OBD to USB interface cable.
Member 3:
—– BMW SCANNER 1.4 for people who do not want to complicate long life, you can do many things but not all

—– EDIABAS INPA complicated of get it going, complicated to handle, but you can do all or most of what they do in the once, and increasingly now that VMware wheel ISIS professional tool …. (INPA) vs Interface for the whole family (BMW SCANNER)

Member 4:
I have downloaded the Pa-soft software and downloaded the cable driver for the Win 7 32 bit version and manually install it you can get it working. I prefer BMW Scanner 1.4.

Member 5:
I know 1.4.0 supports models:
E38 (7′)
E39 (5′)
E46 (3′)
E53 (X5)
E83 (X3)
E85 (Z4)
and 2.0.1 supports:
BMW OBD2 Scanner 2.20 k+Dcan supports the same models, or it support more earlier models like 1.4.0. and that is the difference between 2.0.1 versus 2.20 k+Dcan in function range, coding ant etc. 2.20 k+Dcan to work on newer models need to remove pin 8 from obd connector.
When I first used BMW Scanner 1.4 I fell in love from first time. But I took a week to load, translate, read, try INPA software….after few more cars I learned been faster.

So PA-soft is simple, INPA is VARY complicated.

Member 6,7,8….
But I have made up my mind to buy both this two cheap cables (38 bucks from obd365) and make my own comments in the next few weeks.



Member 6:

bmw scanner 1.4 is different from INPA, and uses a different cable. its not a bad scanner at all though .
BMW scanner 1.4 is an OBD-II scanner, like many other generic OB2 scanners. That is, it connects to the car via the OBD-II port.

INPAis a BMW specific scanner. It uses the BMW specific port to connect to the car. It has more functionality than any OBD-2 scanner or code reader.
In fact, INPA is originally the software used by BMW at their factories to configure and test the new cars, before shipment to the dealers. And frankly, it is more risky for a DIY user -if you do not know what you are doing with it.


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